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When the Jokes All Come True

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
When the Bank of Israel announced that over the coming years it would be printing new bills and the selected images to grace the faces of the bills would include famous female artists, such as Rachel the Poetess and Leah Goldberg, everyone joked about how in Mea Shearim (and RBS B) they will deface the bills by ripping them or blacking out the faces or simply refuse to use them.
And now the joke is becoming reality.
The Bank of Israel will be putting the new 20 and 100 bills into circulation at the end of this week. Actualic reports about how in Mea Shearim they are saying they will not use these bills and will refuse to accept them as payment. Yoelish Krausz says it is not such a big deal as many in Mea Shearim continue to use dollars rather than shekels anyway. He says if they get such bills without realizing it, they will simlpy pass them along to other people - i.e. they will use the money as it was intended, by passing it along and using it to pay for goods and services rather than hanging it on their walls and looking at it longingly.
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