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When "sure" Becomes "uhm..."

By Vickymeg1 @vickymeg

Well, am sure anyone reading this has been through it... in a relationship; a romantic one, that is - whether it's lead to something or not.
Know how cute you look together at the initial stages when he sends you sweet, flirty messages all day and calls you at your busiest just to say that he can't stop thinking about you? And the way he calls you every night at exactly 9pm and talk on end about all the sweet nothings and you won't fall asleep before getting that call? And the way he looks into your eyes passionately when in public, without saying a word even when you say the 'chic line', "why are you starring at me like that?" And there he'll go with the 'guy line', "I'm not starring at you, I'm admiring you!"... And when whatever you ask of him, the answer stays,"Sure babe!"
Funny how this can only go for a while until he starts getting on your nerves in all the wrong ways to an extent that when he sneezes, it grosses you out big time! When he laughs, you wonder what you saw in his smile in the first place. When you hear him chatting with his friends, you wonder how old he is and when he is ever going to grow the f*** up!
That's when it hits you that the both of you are not on the same page anymore and you don't know how to deal with the whole situation. Then you try to get him to have 'the talk' where you discuss whether you have the same focus thus far or not. And guess what he'll do; he'll avoid you like a plague and insist that there is totally no problem in your relationship and that you're making things up... and he'll sound the most fragile you've ever heard him talk and you won't even bring yourself to break up with him cause according to him, you don't have a problem. Sad, huh?
So then, there you'll go into your tiny little cacoon of self-God-knows-what. See, these are the kinda men who make you feel like men are some type of horrible species that have come to "invade our peaceful planet"!
But oh well, back to the subject; the 'uhm' line.
It reaches a point in a relationship when whenever you try to have a decent conversation with your partner, all you get is, "Uhm... Baby, can't we talk about this later?" or "Uhm, baby, do we have to this now?" And before you know it, you'll start feeling so lonely in that relationship as all the two of you do lately is "the routine": You only meet over the weekends as both of you work the whole week and when you meet, you go to his house, do his laundry, prepare lunch, watch a movie, have sex then its time to go back to your house because he has to "meet up with the boys then visit his mother later and he doesn't know when he's going to get back." Such BS!
So he'll kiss you on the forehead and leave. Well, since you have his house spare keys, you'll convince yourself that you're still okay, otherwise, he'd have asked for them, right?
Gosh, the crap we take from these people!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways, before you know it, the two of you go for two weeks without seeing each other as he "always travels out of town". For the phone calls and texts, well, takes him three days now before he replies to any of your texts, let alone take your calls 'cause "baby it's been so hectic at work lately".
What do you in this case, really?
My piece of advice: If you're not married to this man or have a kid(s) with him, please RUN while you still can. Chances are, he'll suck life out of you and leave you with a shell of yourself. You'll remain depressed, wallowing in self-pity, self-hatred for allowing yourself to be treated so bad and all the self-bad-things you could ever think of. When he's done with you, he'll leave you wondering whether you're still attractive or not, to an extent that when a guy says hello to you, you wonder what's wrong with him, 'cause he only compliments you when he wants "some".
Girls, these happen, trust me. So, if you love yourself life like am sure you do, again, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!
Catch my next post on how to leave with or without beef (grudge)... for your own good!
Xo Xo,

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