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When #StandUpComedyinStyle Then It Makes Your Day @Live_InStyle

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Stand-up Comedy is probably one of the most courageous and top creative tasks in the world. Mastering this art requires not only requires mastering communication skills but also demands a complete sync in your body, eyes and words. When you are performing, especially as a stand-up comedian, you definitely have to practice a lot beforehand. It is the perfection in sync of your body movements, face expressions and what you speak that is observed very minutely by your audience. Your confidence needs to be at peak while you are performing on the stage. Basically, it is only possible once you have practiced a lot and have convinced yourself time and again that you only can do it perfectly.
Obviously there has to be some force behind any stand-up comedy to come in style. That is where comes into the picture that is giving a full thrust to this art and encourages this in order to grow it with full bloom. It is a drive to give a new definition to the stand-up comedy by means of providing a solid platform to the stand-up comedian community.
Stand-up comedy is about a different kind of bravery where you have a big heart and large amount of courage to laugh at yourself, where you take the center stage of a live joke hitting straight at you. It requires a different kind of skill set to make everyone in the audience laugh up to their last bit. You really need a courage at the beginning of a show when some very serious kind of faces is sitting in the audience, especially in the front rows, and that is the time when you need to convince yourself as a stand-up comedian that you have to make every face present here laugh. Stand-up comedy actually also is a game of uniqueness. You have to bring out something new every moment and of course in every show to come.
When #StandUpComedyinStyle Then It Makes Your Day @Live_InStyle
The back-end job done by a stand-up comedian is really a serious task. They need to ensure that every gag produced has to be original, unique and innovative. Hope to see a new revolution in stand-up comedy with such a courageous drive being done by liveinstyle.
When #StandUpComedyinStyle Then It Makes Your Day @Live_InStyle

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