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When Rights Collide

Posted on the 10 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
There is a law suit in George to lift the ban on guns in Churches, but do guns belong in Churches?
Some religious leaders say the ban is needed.
“I think that by continuing to arm ourselves, we’re perpetuating this cycle of violence that only ends up hurting the whole society,” said Bradley Schmeling, pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta. “And faith communities in particular should have the right to say no weapons in this place.”
“It seems to me that churches and synagogues and mosques ought to be able to be places of peace,” he said, “because our society needs that.”

Where is the outrage at the prospect that arms would be allowed in a place of sanctuary and peace? Think of the outrage at historic acts of violence in churches (e.g., Thomas a Becket or when Robert the Bruce killed John Comyn in Dumfries).

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