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When R&R Is Needed

By Cait @caitscozycorner
When R&R Is Needed
After the last few months of being super sick, various amounts of sleep and no energy what so ever, I have suddenly gotten all of my energy back and just want to organize, clean, blog, shop and never relax. It happened again this weekend with putting finishing touches on Lily's new room, creating new ideas for what I want to do for baby boy's room and having a few hours of shopping for fun little items by myself!
I had yesterday off because of MLK day and I had a running list of everything I wanted to get done, cleaning, laundry and even a bit of pampering with getting my nails done or a massage. For whatever reason, my mind began wandering and the little one kept rolling and having dance parties Sunday night from 2-5am- needless to say I woke up feeling groggy and not up to really doing anything ( gasp ! ).
When R&R Is Needed
Did I need to spend the money on anything? Nope. I made myself a green smoothie, settled back into bed and began a book I've been meaning to read the last few months. Has anyone else read it? It's similar to Hunger Games/ Maze Runner. I'll keep you updated on how it goes in the next few weeks!
I guess R&R is needed when you've had a busy last few weeks and one I clearly need to take advantage of before becoming a Mom of two! Hoping you all had a relaxing/enjoyable weekend and MLK day if you had the day off!
When do you take R & R ? 
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