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When is Your Child Too Sick for School?

By Newsanchormom

When is your child too sick for school?

It's not always an easy decision to make. When should you call in sick to work and stay home with your child and when should you send them to school and see how it goes? I always wait until the morning to decide what to do. It is not uncommon for my kids to feel or act sick the night before and be perfectly fine the next day. If I stayed home every time one of my three kids felt a little under the weather, I would only work six months a year! Seriously! Who can do that? That doesn't mean I send them to school to infect everyone else. I just only keep them home when they are truly ill and will not be asking me all day if they can go to a friend's house or play baseball. I have made that mistake before! I have had a child who has a fever in the morning and by the afternoon they are begging me to let them go play with a friend (of course, I say no.)
How do you decide what to do?
Here's an article from that may help you decide.
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