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When He Drops the "M" Bomb!

By Vickymeg1 @vickymeg
Now who'd wanna lie that they never have guy problems? We all do, right?
But what if all is perfect till he stars acting funny and you have NO idea how to have "the" talk? Or how to act around him anymore? Or what to say around his friends anymore?
And... and... and... and...?????
What happens then?
Then the natural female angel/demon in you finds a way to squeeze the "info" out of him one Sunday evening, after FOUR LONG WEEKS of nagging and losing your head and finding out that you can't lose your head over him any longer... Only for you to find out after the "baby its not you, it's me..." speech, that HE'S BEEN MARRIED FOR ALL THOSE 6MONTHS THAT YOU'VE BEEN DATING!!!
Seriously, what reaction would anybody expect from you even if you were a saint?
But even "saints" get angry, don't they?
Now this is the time that if you're the Fainting-type like me, then you'd have to do the "fainting thing" and if you're the violent type, then you'd grab him by his balls with plies and hang him on your toilet roof top!!! (speaking from experience... except for the hanging by the balls part; 'cause am the fainting type... LOL)
I actually fainted (religiously) for seven consecutive days till i thought i wasn't gonna get it out of my system.
Don't you ever wonder what makes married men cheat on their wives? And don't you find it disturbing that you "over-nightly" turn out to be "the other woman" and a "home-wrecker" when you didn't even know of the existence of a home in the first place?
I think that when you have as many questions as i had at that time and still do, then you know there's nothing to fight for especially if you're given nothing to fight for. It'll hurt so bad. I wouldn't even sit here and lie that it still doesn't hurt whenever i flash back on the good times. But i can bet you that the moment you stop being bitter, wanting to make every guy pay for your ex's mistakes, then you'll know in your heart that you gotta let go of MR RIGHT NOW and search or simply wait for MR FOREVER RIGHT to swing by.
And the 10milli question still is, Where is he?
Most of us like to think that ALL the good guys are either gay, married, or having flings with older women. True or falls, it's just not easy to get a "good guy" (whatever that means to you).
But i say, you're probably not looking in the right direction, or YOU are the one chasing them away; knowingly or otherwise.
Stick around to know how to stop trying too hard!
Xo Xo.
V :)

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