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When Do You Know You’re Ready to Propose?

By Weddingblog2011
When Do You Know You’re Ready to Propose?

So you're thinking of tying the knot with your beloved. You're already looking through rings for the engagement but you have this question burning at the back of your mind, are you ready to propose?

The whole ordeal of proposal may be like a fairytale scene in every girl's dream. But however dreamy that moment would be, one should know the responsibility around it. Popping the question may be one of the biggest decisions of a man's or woman's life. Hearing the big YES from your partner maybe your main concern but you should also resolve within you the question "Am I ready?". Here are some helpful tips before you kneel and pop the question.

1. Financial Stability

Your undying love and devotion may have been enough to keep you together from all these years. But when it comes to marriage, money may be essential to some extent. Besides, after that wonderful proposal, you have to plan for your wedding that would also, yes, involve a hefty amount of money. You should be at this moment be financially stable through your stable job or business.

2. Mature enough to take the responsibility

Things might be different after you pop the question. First off, your partying days might be lessened; maybe the partying that you have would be with your soon-to-be wife or your married friends. You also have to replace the "I" thinking to "we" thinking. You consider now your beloved's choices and yours before you make a decision because she/he matters in your life now.

3. You have decided

You may be fine being single, but you choose to be married to this specific person. Getting her an engagement ring doesn't just mean getting her one, it also shows that you're ready to commit and take your relationship to the next level. Destiny or fate didn't decide for you to be married, it is always your decision.

4. You two have discussed a future together

You two have had this conversation in the past, and have included each other in your future plans. You know his/her dream of having a cafe by the mountains or he/she knows your desire of climbing the Himalayas when you reach 40. Whatever it is that you two have been dreaming, you can't help but be happy and share it to each other.

5. Your friends and family have their thumbs up

You may have been teased by your family or friends about settling down with your beloved a couple of times. It may not be an absolute requirement to have the approval of your family and friends, but it does make deciding easier. Luckily, if they are supportive of your relationship taking up a notch they may just be a happy accomplice for your proposal.

6. You know it's the right moment/timing

You may be ready to settle down, but is he/she? Or is this the right moment/timing? Popping up a question just to fix things may not be a good idea, even if you have a check mark on the tips above. You have to find the right timing, not just your timing but also hers; it is a good practice of thinking about the "we" not the "I". You can't just pop up the question when she is in the middle of a clinical depression or in deep debt with a bank. You also should not just propose because all your friends are getting married, the timing is off and it shows a lot of immaturity. Timing would always be everything, popping the question at the wrong timing even with the right reasons may still yield a different answer.

In the end it would still be your decision to pop the question. It would be exciting and scary at the same time. You just have to be brave enough and love him/her enough to accept either a yes or a no.

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