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When Cause and Consequence is So Clear

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Hamechadesh has a wild story of cause and consequence. 
when cause and consequence is so clearA Haredi mother recently bought her daughters a dress (I think it is called a pinafore, but not sure). She said the girls looked so cute in the dresses when she dressed them, so she happily sent them to gan.
When she picked up her children at the end of the day she discovered that the younger daughter had vomited all over the dress, while the older daughter had gotten gum stuck to the dress.
Momma says she washed the dresses and a few days later dressed her daughters in them again. The same thing happened as the first time. 
She realized something is wrong with the dresses, and when she woke up the next morning she told her husband the dresses must have shaatnez.
She says she called her father and asked what to look for. She then checked the label and discovered that the dress contains both linen and wool. Real shaatnez!
According to Hamechadesh she publicized the story because she bought the dresses on NEXT and is worried maybe other frum Jews bought the dress and should know it is shaatnes.
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