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When All Else Fails - Get Crafting

By Expatmum @tonihargis
As some of you know, it's Thanksgiving next week in the USA, and Thanksgiving is HUGE. Families come together, tensions run high for weeks beforehand, - all that good stuff. Fortunately because I almost forget it most years, it's not really that huge a deal in our house.
This year the Queenager is coming home from college for four and a half days (yay) and the in-laws are flying in too. We'll have a small family meal compared to most people I know who are catering for double digit crowds.  The Ball & Chain is in charge; he's gone into Chef mode, as he does at this time every year. Last weekend was homemade lasagna (including the pasta) and chilli, this weekend I believe he's making cornbread for the stuffing and trying out some pumpkin dessert or other. This is all in preparation for our annual ski trip, during which time he spends almost as much time in the kitchen as he does on the slopes. I used to call it his mid-life crisis, but it'a been going on a bit too long to be a crisis. A syndrome perhaps. Anyway, better than a Porsche or a 30 year old!
And of course we have the requisite cold in the house, meaning that the Little Guy has been off school for a few days. There's only so much reading, watching TV and lounging about one can do - so we took to crafting instead.
And made 7 of these -
When All Else Fails - Get Crafting
Jut in case you can't immediately tell what it is it's a napkin ring in the shape of a turkey. (This is the sanest one of the lot, BTW.) Since then, he has decided which turkey most resembles each family member and stuck little name cards on the tummies. I hope no one is offended because his designation is  alarmingly accurate!

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