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Whatever Wednesdays: Shania Twain's Redbook Interview

By Shawndrarussell
"Being betrayed is one of the most valuable lessons life can teach. Now that you are wise to the game, you have the tools to choose your friends more carefully and protest your inner circle from these predators. Wear your scars like a badge. Someone hurt you, you lived through it, and now you can talk about it without rage and revenge in your heart"--Shania Twain
This quote is from her interview with Redbook in the June 2011 issue. I love it because it is so raw, honest, and true. She was doubly crossed--by her ex-husband and manager plus her best friend who had an affair with him--but thanks to this double-crossing, Shania found the love of her life and is living a happier, healthier, more wonderful version of life than she was previously when she thought she was happy.
Sometimes, we just get too complacent and just allow ourselves to drift along in relationships that are no longer good for us instead of seeking new friends, loves, careers, etc. because we think "this is good enough." Good enough never is! Shoot for great in all aspects of your life, and don't let people hurt you or make you feel bad about who you are. No one deserves to treat you badly.
When we are hurt by others, sometimes we act like it is our fault. Did I do something wrong? Are they mad at me? What did I not do? This line of thinking is useless. It's their fault if they are rude, hurtful, underhanded, or judgmental. Sure, people have bad days and we have to give them slack at times, but if the bad behavior and poor treatment become a pattern, it's time to take action. So often, we are afraid to cut the toxicity out of our life. The truth is, we owe it to ourselves to cut out negative, hurtful, neglectful people from our  lives.
If you're realizing that you have let too many people into your "inner circle" that haven't earned the right to be there, or don't deserve to be there anymore, then it's time to do some weeding. By doing so, you will be making room for so many more meaningful, happy, healthy, fun, enjoyable relationships to grow. It worked for me, and it can work for you too.   

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