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What You Wish On Me Will Undoubtedly Fall Back On You Again, And Again, And Again!

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Had Read A Fictional Book In The Nineties About A Little Girl Who Was Born With A Caul Over Her Face. The Book Was Sort Of Interesting, However, In My Opinion It Could Have Been Better.

The Life That I Lived Was Actually Way More Deeper And Fulfilling Than What Was Made Up In That Novel. And Much More Detailed In Grave (Serious) Content And In The Things That Are Possible.

I Was In My Early Twenties Back Then And Looking For Someone Else Who Was Familiar With The Gifts Of The Caul. Someone Who Could Shed Another Perspective Other Than The Things That I Had Heard From The People In My Life, And The Things That I Had Already Experienced For Myself.

So I Contacted The Company Who Published The Book By The Author Who’s Initials Are T.M.A. I Wrote A Letter To Her, And I Had Intended For The Letter To Be Forwarded To Her Home, Through Them. Instead, The Publishing Company Returned My Letter Back To Me With Her Home Address Stamped Onto It.

I Wrote Three Letters To This Woman Before She Responded To Me. I Explained To Her That My Inquiry Was Not A Hoax And That I Was Indeed Genuinely Interested In Possibly Gaining A Little More Insight About Particular Things Regarding Being Born With A Caul/Veil.

T.M.A. Set Up A Day And Time To Call Me And We Spoke Over The Phone. When We First Talked She Expressed To Me That She Did Not Know Anything At All About The Caul. That All She Knew Is What She Heard-What People Told  Her.

Right Then And There I Knew That She Was A Liar. I Did Not Believe That. I Felt That She Had To Have Been Born With A Caul To Write A Book About It. I Mean, I Did. I Would Not Had Wrote My Own Personal Non Fiction Book Mentioning My Gifts And Experiences Without Actually Having Been Born That Way-Unlike Some People That We Know Of (Shannon Lee Wolf For Instance).

Later On In The Conversation After She Warmed Up To Me And Saw Where I Was Coming From She Admitted “I, T. (I’m Just Going To Continue To Use Her Initial/Initials) Was Born With A Caul”.

“I Knew You Were”, I Told Her”

And She Laughed.

T.M.A. Also Expressed To Me Saying, ” Okay, You Know That You’re Special. And You Have To Use Your Gifts. Our Gifts Are Not For Ourselves, They Are For Others. What Are The Points In Having Gifts If No One Knows That You Have Them?”

I Have To Say That I Actually Disagreed With Her Comment Because I Knew That My Gifts Were Indeed For Myself Whether Anybody Knew About Them Are Not. I Did Not Mention This To Her Though. I Didn’t Give Her Too Much Information, She Was A Vibe That I Was Familiar With And Did Not Really Take To.

I Read T.M.A. Like A Book. I Knew Her Kind/Type But I Was Lead To Her For A Reason-And I Found Out Just How Correct I Was In My Judgement Of Her And Why I Had Sought Her Out To Begin With-I Am Seldom Wrong About People.

I Met A Priestess Through Her (Which Turned Out To Be In Good Favor For Me. I Then Met Another Woman Over The Phone By Her Who Was Born With A Caul Who Couldn’t Keep Any Friends, And Who Had A Very Nasty Attitude-She Wasn’t Shit).

T.M.A. And I Had Talked Over The Telephone A Couple Of More Times Since Then But I Noticed Her Attitude Started To Change. Right After I Spoke With The Second Woman Who Was Sick And Miserable.

To Make A Long Story Short, I Eventually Had To Tell T.M.A Off. I Had To Tell Her About Herself/Put Her In Her Place. She’d Heard Gossip/Lies (Well, They’re All Liars-Including T.M.A.) From My Trashy Father’s Side Of The Family Who Knew Her Or Knew Of Her, And Since They Were Of The Same Negative Vibe They Joined In Together.

It Is A Very Complex Story But It Has To Do With Their Witchcraft Conspiracies-And Me Not Being One Of Them/Their Kind (Thank Goodness!).

T.M.A. Has Been Pissed Ever Since. A Year Or Two Ago She Felt Stupid And Was Disappointed Because A Evil Spell That She’d Done Against Me Did Not Work. The Woman Is Still At It. She Does It Non Stop From Time To Time, However, Now She Is Putting Extra Effort Into It.

On Friday, January 25, 2013, T.M.A. And Others Were Working Against Me. Trying To Put Thoughts Into My Head About My Disposition/Attitude Toward Their Kind/Class/Type Of People. They Wanted Me To Feel Like I Was The Bad Person, I’m The Wrong One. Absurd Mind Games Measured By Their Own Lies And Deceit.

This Past Friday, On February 1, 2013, I Felt T.M.A. And A Group Of Others Engaged In Prayers, Meditations, Rituals. Negative Sayings, Thoughts, And Wishes Along With Their Spells To Try To Block Me In My Writing Career. They Don’t Want To See Me Succeed In Anything That I Do, Especially What I Was Meant To Do. They Want To Sabotage The Building Of My Profession.

I Just Pitied Them In Their Vain Attempts/Endeavors. They Are Just So Sad And Worthless. They Need To Feed Off Of Other Peoples Positive Energies In Order To Gain Success For Themselves. They Try To Do A Switcheroo. Your Good Energy In Return For Their Negative Energy. So That They Can Pull To Prevail And Push To Make You Go Down.

The Next Day, On The Second Of February, I Could Feel T.M.A. Again. This Time Wanting Me To Feel That I Was Out Of My League, Treading On Territory In Which Where I Did Not Belong-By Conducting The Occupation Of My Writing. My Own Gifts, My Nature, Part Of What And Who I Am.

I Knew Their Garbage Wouldn’t Work. They Do Not Have The Spiritual Power. They Are Nowhere Near As Strong As Me In Mind Or Spirit. And I Was Right. So Now T.M.A. Is Trying To Weaken Me With More Absurd Spells. She’ll Just Have To Wear Herself Out Along With The Others. I Am Steps Ahead Of Them, Knowing Their Every Move.

What Is sad Is That Instead Of Wasting Time And Putting So Much Energy Into Attempting To Bring Me Down She Should Be Doing Spells To Try To Make Herself Advance In Life. Obviously She Is Unable To Do That, Though.

At One Time Years Ago (Way Back In The Early 2000′s) She Was Suppose To Be Making A Movie About Her Book With Her “So Called” Independent Filmmaker Husband-What Happened To It?

I Have Not Seen The Movie In Theaters Yet! Then She Launched What Was Suppose To Be Her Own Publishing Company That She Could Not Afford Because She Was In Desperate Need Of Donations In Order To Maintain The Business, And Get It Up And Running.

T.M.A. Is Demonic. I Saw It In Her Face Years Ago When I Observed One Of Her Pictures That She Posed In With Her Husband. And The More Dirt That This Bitter Bitch Tries To Do Will Just Set Her Further And Further Back In The Ground.

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What You Wish On Me Will Undoubtedly Fall Back On You Again, And Again, And Again!

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