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What You Should Know About Wearing Casual Pins

By Attireclub @attireclub

Pins are very popular accessories these days. Everyone from politicians to skaters seem to be wearing them. And there's a good reason why pins are worn so much: they are easy-to-use accessories that speak a lot about their wearer.

Pins come in many styles, shapes and carry many messages with them.

In this article, we take a look at casual pins and break down the things you should consider when putting on a pin.

Pins come in all shapes and sizes. Their origin lies in the military and other official institutions, where people receive insignia that indicates their professional achievements. Pins are also worn by people who wish to represent their company, an organization or to show support for their country or territory. Generally, these types of pins are dressy pins and should be only worn with suits.

All other pins: travel pins, funny pins and other entertainment pins are to be worn only with casual outfits only and in casual settings.

Any pin is a clear statement and to wear an inappropriate pin in a certain environment can become offensive. For example, wearing a Donald Duck pin in an official setting where everyone is wearing political pins is quite insulting and you will be treated as such.

A casual pin can be worn almost anywhere. While dress pins should be worn only on a jacket's lapel or on a tie (which is an issue we will be addressing in another article), casual pins can be worn almost anywhere. You can put one or more pins on your hat, on your jacket's lapel, on a casual tie (they go especially well with knit ties), on a chain, on a scarf or wear it as a jacket button. You can even place a pin on the lower half of your shirt or t-shirt. However, in this case, we would advise you to balance it out with another pin, placed on the opposite side, so that the visual of the shirt does not balance to the right or to the left.

The right color

A pin is a fashion accessory and has the role to enhance your overall appearance. When you are adding a pin to your outfit, make sure you include its colors in the overall color scheme you are creating. Pins that contrast with your clothes will look great, as they will add something new to the outfit.

Remember, if you are wearing metals or metallic pins, these are neutral and can be worn with any color. Metals or metallic insignia can also be worn simultaneously with other metals. Therefore, a golden pin can be worn with another silver pin or with other silver accessories, such as bracelets, rings or chains.

The right size

Moreover, as a general rule when it comes to accessories, you should remember that these should always be proportionate to your size. Pins are usually quite small, so there is not much to consider here; however, in case you want to wear a really small pin or a very big one, you should think about whether it is proportionate to your size or not. Bigger men wearing pins that are very small will look disproportionate, while men with smaller frames wearing pins that are too heavy will look as if they are controlled and dragged down by their pins.

The right number of pins

When it comes to how many pins one should wear, there really is not a right answer. You may wear as many pins as you want, the only things you should be concerned with are whether it is aesthetically pleasing, whether they are not too heavy on you and whether they don't make an annoying noise, should you consider wearing many at once. Our recommendation is to stick to one, especially if you are a pin rookie.

Wearing a pin can be a great style statement: it will express your opinions, your personality and it will be one of the first things people will wear about your outfit. This is why it is important to always choose your pins wisely. For many, pins are definitive conversation starters, so don't take it as a surprise if people will ask you about your pin.

Whether you wish to express your support for your team, your affiliation with an organization, your quirky personality or to talk about the places you've been, a pin is an easy and clear way to do that. More than that, a correctly-chosen pin will style up your outfit, which is a bonus you can enjoy.

Pins are affordable, easy to store and don't need much maintenance, which is why they make for the perfect casual accessory.

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