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What You Need to Know About Private Jet Travel

By Ripleydaniels @mikesobol

Winging your way through the air in a private jet is an experience like no other. The level of luxury that a private jet affords is something that commercial airline travelers can only dream of. Every private jet is custom outfitted with luxurious amenities including leather seating, elegant wood trim and are often equipped with a gallery with service available from a corporate flight attendant.

Private jet travel offers many advantages over commercial airline flying including the following:

1. Convenience -- Your trip takes you from New York to Los Angeles, a very straight forward flight from Newark, LaGuardia or JFK to LAX. However, your executives are in northern New Jersey, in Woodcliff Lake, and their ultimate destination is Panorama City, 20 miles from LAX.

Instead of the EWR to LAX trip, you can fly from Teterboro Airport in Bergen County and land your jet plane at Van Nuys Airport north of L.A. You'll save time by going from point to point with no lengthy car service trip in N.J. or L.A. to waste your time. Moreover, with a business, jet, if you find that you must continue to on to Boise, Idaho, from L.A., you can do so with the same plane, returning to the east coast that same day. Try doing that with the airlines.

2. Security -- Long lines at the airport mean that everyone including your high-profile executives must endure Transportation Security Administration waits and privacy-invading screenings before being passed through to your terminal. Much time can be wasted and the security of commercial traveler is always a concern.

With private jet travel, you head directly to the airport and pass through a fixed based operation to your plane. In some locations, car service can drop you and your passengers off right on the runway, allowing you to exit the sedan, hop onboard the plane and take off.

3. Privacy -- Take a trip on a commercial flight and your comings and goings are easily tracked. Not so with private jet travel as you can usually take a flight without being hounded by the press or followed by paparazzi.

Notably, the federal government allows private jet operators to block an aircraft's registration when traveling. This level of security makes it more difficult for any business jet to be tracked by anyone but the FAA, an important option for companies that need to move high-profile individuals in anonymity. When your executive's security is of top concern, private jet travel is the only way to go.

4. Luxury -- Take an airline trip these days and you'll be lucky to get a bag of peanuts or pretzels, or even a cold drink. Even first class travelers may fine the fare wanting, pre-packaged food that is warmed up and served on demand.

With private jet travel, you have the option of enjoying the services of qualified flight attendant. She or he isn't like your airline attendant, rather this individual is trained to know your particular aircraft and is familiar with the galley. That galley is typically outfitted with fine china, elegant glassware, exquisite flatware and other accoutrements of fine dining. Food can either be prepared onboard or catered from a facility that serves five-star meals and includes wine and liquor service.

A private jet aircraft interior is small, yet opulent. Typically, you choose your own music or watch your own shows, or simply relax with your seat all the way back and your legs raised. Bathrooms may feature marble trim and ambient lighting, with larger jets equipped with showers and baths to refresh you before you land.

5. Affordability -- Isn't private jet travel expensive, especially compared to commercial flying? Yes it is, however there are distinctions that make a private jet much more affordable than you might guess.

For instance, if you are flying nine executives to a business meeting, you'll pay the full fare for each person for first class travel on an airline. Especially on short notice your fares can cost thousands of dollars per individual for coast to coast travel or for international flying. With a private jet, you'll pay one fee whether you're sending one, five or nine executives on a flight.

The affordability factor must also consider the time expended away from the office. Typically, with commercial flying, trips take longer and may require connections especially to remote locations. What can be done in one day with a private jet can take two or three days with a commercial jet. Time is money and private jet travel can make the best use of your busy executive's time.

Further Considerations

When flying private, you'll work directly with a knowledgeable sales associate, an individual that will personally arrange your itinerary. This professional can arrange airport transfer, book a hotel, find a flight attendant that can prepare special meals, handle flight following paperwork and oversee any other matter as it arises. Much like a personal concierge, this associate will answer directly to you, with no fear that your needs will fall through the cracks or be handed off to someone else who isn't familiar with your needs. The advantages of private jet flying are clear, an option your business should consider when making travel arrangements.

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