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What You Need To Know About Easter Bunnies and Other Spring Things That Keep You Up At Night With So Many Questions. BONUS: Mother’s Day Ideas

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita

What in the Sam Hill does a giant ugly bunny and colored eggs have to do with Easter and the Miracles of that day? I have never understood how the bunny and hiding eggs has anything to do with Easter. And the extra expense to get your kids an “Easter Basket” with little cheap toys and chocolate is ridiculous. Why do we do it? So I googled this Easter Bunny character and there is nothing really. The closest thing I came up with is here: Easter Bunny: The Origins of Easter Day’s Rabbit | Time

They seem to be really reaching for a tie on the bunny to Jesus thing. Frankly I think it’s child abuse to force a young child to sit in the lap of a smelly intoxicated man dressed up as a big fluffy bunny that is probably snoozing while holding your child for a picture while your child is screaming bloody murder. Then use the picture as an Easter card for friends and family. Shame on you parents. (Ok I admit I did this a few times, sorry not sorry, it was a great picture).

Then JCPennys decides to have live bunnies for kids to have their spring pictures with. WHY would they do that? You had to sign a waiver that you wouldn’t sue if the bunny bites your kid. They really needed to sign a waiver for me after my then 2 yo grabbed a bunny and threw it across the room while laughing like a little demon spawn. You can read that fun story here: When The Easter Bunny Almost Died (

So that’s Easter in a nutshell for my kids growing up. Sometimes they got an Easter Basket, most times not. Easter Egg hunts when my own mother made me feel guilty for not doing it. I tried giving them chocolate bunnies as they got older. They never ate them. So you know I could never let chocolate bunnies go to waste. I ate them. It’s like the kids don’t like chocolate or something. Maybe I should have their DNA checked.

Then there is Spring in general. Lots of rain, pollen, allergy meds and then Mothers Day. I know it’s hard to help my family understand that for this special day that is all mine, I just want them all together sharing a meal with me. Or cleaning the house for me or taking their dad and all going to play golf or something so I can sleep in and watch Netflix. But I found this great list of must haves for moms! Some are eh but a lot are great gifts! Cool Products That Make Great Holiday Gifts ( Check it out!

How are your Easters with kids? Anything you regret? Any moms day gifts you think other moms would love? Leave in the comments! And as always enjoy this funny video! If mom’s did Easter hunts!

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