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What You Deserve..

By Shanlakes
kourtney kardashian and scott disick
1. Someone who apologizes when they're wrong, and truly owns up to it. Someone who will go out of their way to fix the mistakes that they've made.
2. Someone who fully trusts you. They never look through your phone, emails, question you when you go out with your friends, etc.
3. Someone who holds your hand and kisses your forehead for no reason whatsoever.
4. Someone who doesn't hide your relationship from anyone. They like to show you off to the world.
5. Someone who challenges you.
6. Someone you fight with from time to time (in a clean way).
7. Someone who takes care of themselves.
8. Someone who gives you confidence.
9. Someone who will make you feel as though there are no other girls or guys in the world. (That matter)
10. Someone who has your back unconditionally. Even when you're dead wrong.
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