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What Would You Pay to Change About Yourself?

By Eemusings @eemusings


What would you pay to change about yourself?

You know what? Over a lifetime, laser surgery would probably be cheaper than the constant cycle of eye tests and new glasses/lenses/contacts. My squeamishness, however, prevents me from seriously considering it or finding out if it’s even an option for me. Plus, it’s a big outlay, even if it is a one-off.

This got me thinking … what else would I pay to change about myself?

For one, I’d like to deal to my weirdly sweaty palms and nose. It’s like they both have a mind of their own.

For another, I’d be happy to never have another period again. For a blissful period (no pun intended) of maybe a year (which handily enough included most of our RTW trip) after changing my pill, I got to live out that wish. Alas, that grace period is over – though it must be said that life is still infinitely better than in the pre-pill days.

But most of all, I would pay good money to rid myself of my chronic hayfever and  assorted sinus woes. How much? A thousand, definitely. Two, quite probably. Three? Five? Maybe. What would it be worth to… be able to breathe through my nose overnight. Never feel that tightness in my chest again. To not be that workmate who sniffles day in day out, year round. To be able to leave the house without having stuffed my pockets and handbag with tissues. To not wake up sneezing every single morning – literally. To never again experience the horror of watching liquid mucus drip from my nose onto the floor, so quickly there’s barely a split second to compute what’s about to happen between feeling the first movement and seeing the splotch (this happens way more than it should).

Things could be a lot worse, I know. Some of you carry much heavier crosses and real medical problems. I’m grateful to have pretty minor maladies … even if I would pay good money to rid myself of them.

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