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What Would You Do for $1 Million ?

Posted on the 01 June 2016 by 72point @72hub
What would you do for $1 Million ?



Here's one poll Republican nominee Donald Trump won't be shouting about.

Trump topped a list of male celebrities American women would not sleep with - even if they were offered $1million.

He emerged head and shoulders ahead of other contenders for the dubious title, including Democrat nominee Bernie Sanders and controversial rapper Kanye West.

Trump's one-time rival Ted Cruz took fourth spot, ahead of Pee Wee Herman, Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton, Ben Carson and Carrot Top.

The survey, by , also revealed some startling statistics about just what people would be prepared to do for $1million.

Men are more likely than women to agree to a deal to let a stranger sleep with their partner (54 per cent compared to 43 per cent).

Over a third of heterosexual women said they would be willing to sleep with someone of the same sex compared to just one in five men.

Over a quarter of American men said they would sleep with their mother-in-law.

Almost four in ten (39 per cent) men said they would have sex with their partner's sister, while less than one in five (17 per cent) women would be prepared to sleep with their partner's brother.

And most (58 per cent) men would be prepared to sleep with their partner's best friend, compared to just over a quarter (26 per cent) of women offered the same proposal.

"We know that Americans like to make money but there are some things that just go too far" said Mike Meade of "We prefer to offer Americans ways of saving money with our easy coupon codes - and for the record - I wouldn't sleep with Donald Trump for $1m either" he added.

When asked how much they would require in payment for sleeping with Donald Trump, the average amount added up to $1,354,830.

When men were asked the same question about Hilary Clinton, the average amount totalled $1,168,052.

Even if you were offered $1million, which celebrities would you never have sex with?

1. Donald Trump 53.1 per cent

2. Bernie Sanders 44.4 per cent

3. Kanye West 43.7 per cent

4. Ted Cruz 42.9 per cent

5. Pee Wee Herman 42.7

6. Rush Limbaugh 42.2

7. Al Sharpton 41.9

8. Ben Carson 40.6

9. Charlie Sheen 40.4

1 Carrot Top 40.4

11Perez Hilton 39.6

12 Dennis Rodman 39.1

1 Andy Dick 38.9

1 Lil Wayne 38.6

1 Ozzy Osbourne 38.6

16.Bill O'Reilly 38.2

17.Michael Moore 37.9

18.Justin Bieber 37.8

19.Dustin Diamond 37.3

20.Glenn Beck 36.6

21.Spike Lee 36.3

22.Jay Z 36.1

23.50 Cent 35.8

24.The Situation 35.0

25.Conan O'Brien 35.0

26.Chris Brown 34.6

27.Sean Combs 33.3

28Lance Armstrong 33.3

2 Russell Brand 33.1

3 Will.I.Am 33.0


What would you do for $1 Million ?

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