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What Would You Add to a New Home Bar??

By Boozedancing @boozedancing

The Empty Bar

So I haven’t posted anything in several months. (The guys have been sure to point out my lack of posts).   Work, family, and life in general has consumed much of my writing time leaving only enough spare time for the occasional sarcastic comment.

The largest thing that has eaten up much of my free time is the design, planning, and construction of our home’s first floor renovation but it’s finally done.  The renovation just wrapped up this past week and my favorite piece of the renovated space is my new bar area (or as my kids call it: “Daddy’s Little Beer Kitchen”).

As you can see from the pic above my booze center is an empty blank slate.  It awaits it’s first beer, spirit, and/or cool bar tool.  So as I decide what will be included in the new bar I figured would ask everyone the following question:

What one essential item would add to new bar?

There are a couple of items that I have or I am considering for my bar inventory.  Here is the beginning of the stock list:

House Scotch:  Glenlivet 12 Year Old
House Bourbon:  Eagle Rare 10 Year Old
House Brew for the Masses:  Yuengling Lager
House Brew for the Mrs:  Blue Moon
House Crafty Brew:  Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
House Bootleg Brew:  Aviator Brewing Company Devil’s Tramping Ground
Heavy Equipment:  Osterizer Classic Beehive Blender

Beyond this list there are plenty of things to consider so let me know what you think.

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