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What Will You Be Doing on World AIDS Day?

By Iwillsurvivesg @iwillsurvivesg

What will you be doing on World AIDS Day?World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December every year. It is a day for raising awareness of AIDS, which is the result of HIV infection.

To mark World AIDS Day this year, here is a list of things you can do in Singapore, especially since it falls on a Saturday.

1. Be aware. Do you know the difference between HIV and AIDS? How does one get AIDS? What can you do to prevent yourself from getting HIV? In this age of the Internet, there is no excuse not to arm yourself with the accurate facts and information about HIV and AIDS, and where to get help. Here are some useful links and resources.

2. Go for an anonymous HIV test. Do you know your own risk of exposure to HIV? Are you sure? Many people do not know their HIV status, and unknowingly pass on the virus to their sexual partners through unprotected sex. Click on this link for a list of anonymous HIV testing clinics in Singapore.

3. Go for a walk. Action for AIDS is organising the AIDS Walk 2012. Click on the link to find out more.

4. Have a ball! If dancing and music is more your thing, then sign up for the Rubber Ball on Sunday, 2nd December. Click on the link or Facebook event page for details.

5. Be supportive. Understand what HIV-positve people go through. Combat discrimination and show your support & understanding as a family member, friend, colleague or stranger.

6. Sign up as a volunteer. There are non-profit organisations that are always looking for people who would like to contribute their time, skills & expertise, all for a good cause, in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and support. Action for AIDS, Oogachaga & TTSH – Patient Care Centre are fine examples.

7. Make a donation. If you prefer to show your support by making a monetary contribution, you can also get in touch directly with the staff at Action for AIDS, Oogachaga & TTSH – Patient Care Centre who would be more than happy to follow-up with you!

8. Wear a red ribbon. If you can’t find one at the above venues, you can just make one yourself! And tell others about the Red Ribbon and what it stands for. Or you can even add a red ribbon to your Facebook profile picture here.

Here’s wishing you make a difference, however big or small, this

World AIDS Day!

What will you be doing on World AIDS Day?

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