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What to Wear with Printed Pants

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
What to wear with print pants

Python print pants from Bella Lido

Hi Imogen, do you think you could share your tips on styling print pants? They are everywhere this season and although I’m not a slave to fashion, I bought a pair or black and white ones that I love, but what to wear them with?

Printed pants are a common fashion trend at present.  They can be a little tricky to style.  But if you think about them being like a printed skirt, and use the same principles you’d use to choose a color for your top, then they can be a fun addition to your closet.

In some ways, the rules for what to team with coloured jeans works similarly for a print pant.

If your pants are a neutral print, happily wear them with a coloured top, but if they are coloured like mine, it can be easier to team with a neutral top (notice that I’ve taken the gray from the pattern and am wearing it in my t-shirt and jewelry.

Keep your other pieces simple – the print pants are the hero of your outfit!


how to style print pants
how to style print pants by imogenl featuring short sleeve tops

What do you love to wear with your printed pants?


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