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What to Wear to a Wedding

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Weddings these days have many dress codes. Recently a friend of mine was horrified when turning up to a wedding in a floor length gown (the invitation dress code said “formal”) to find out that really, all the bride had wanted was for people not to wear jeans!

The first point of call when figuring out the right thing to wear to a wedding is to call up the bride and ask what they would like. Formal traditionally meant a full length gown, these days it often means cocktail (knee length, but dressy). It’s best to check if you’re not at all sure.

The reality is, the bride and groom have gone to some lengths to ensure that they look great. The wedding will have cost a pretty penny or two (it’s actually quite scary to me how much people spend on weddings these days!), so they want you to dress up and make an effort so that when they look back at the photos everyone looks gorgeous and glamorous.

What to wear to a wedding - cocktail
What to wear to a wedding – cocktail by imogenl featuring henri bendel jewelry

Here are some tips on finding an appropriate outfit:

1. Location – Where is the wedding? A beach wedding is less formal than a church. A garden party less dressy than the grand ballroom of a big hotel.

2. Weather – What time of year? Will you be outside or inside most of the time? Are you someone who feels the heat or is always cold? Will you be more comfortable with a wrap or jacket?

What to wear to a wedding - outdoor
What to wear to a wedding – outdoor by imogenl featuring a patent leather belt

3. Colour – Wear colour, avoid black and white

4. Fabric – Think about dressier fabrics, something with a little sheen or sheerness will make you look dressier. Think about the Level of Refinement of your outfit – Weddings are a Level 1 occasion.

What to wear to a wedding - formal
What to wear to a wedding – formal by imogenl featuring slip on shoes

5. Accessorize – It’s time to sparkle. Shoes that are strappy or have some bling. Sparkles in your ears and around your neck. Don’t forget the cocktail ring or stack of bracelets too. Take a clutch not your regular handbag.

what to wear to a wedding in winter
what to wear to a wedding in winter by imogenl featuring alexon

Don’t get obsessed with a complete new outfit. Most of the time everyone is focussing in the bridal party and won’t member that you wore that outfit to another event.

Think about changing the color of your accessories to change the appearance of the outfit.

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