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What to Wear Spring Racing and Melbourne Cup

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

There is always a lot of hype in what to wear but a great topic would be on how to dress affordably and what is in this season – Personally I love Melbourne Cup but I DREAD Having to find something to wear ( Writing this to you as I’m heading out tonight in an attempt to find something) Also points of difference whenit comes to attending Melbourne Cup Corporate Events or events with your friends socially.

The Spring a Racing Carnival is all about ladylike glamour. Its a time to channel old school elegance. Its dress code is published by the VRC and I know that this year apart from the usual request of don’t dress like you’re going clubbing, no to fake tan like an Oompa Loompa, but also a big no to bare midriff which is a current big fashion trend (and they will be turning people away from members areas and The Birdgcage if they spot an exposed midriff).

But that perennial question of what to wear still remains. Headwear is imperative. Don’t go bare headed. Firstly if you want to do it well on a budget then you must work from the headwear down. Can you borrow from a friend who has a collection? Can you make something yourself? These are the wallet friendly options.

If you manage to borrow some headwear then plan your outfit around it. If you are going to make so something yourself then plan the rest of your outfit and make the hat. If you’re wearing a feature head piece, keep your hairstyle simple.

Spring racing on a budget

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