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What to Wear on Television?

By Attireclub @attireclub

What to Wear on Television?Many men will at one point or another find themselves making a television appearance. Maybe you are an expert on a topic, maybe you are promoting a brand or event or... who knows, maybe you just landed your own reality show.

Either way, there are some general style guidelines a man should follow when being on camera.

Here are some rules you should consider when appearing on television (or being filmed for anything else).

What to Wear on Television?
In terms of colors, there aren't many colors that don't work. Sometimes white can be a problem, since it can tend to become way too bright, but newer technologies won't have a problem with it. If you are not sure about how the setup in which you will appear will be lit or shot, you can go for light blue instead of white, if you can. For example, if you are wearing a suit, instead of a white shirt, you can go for a light blue one.

Also, speaking of suits, while black suits look great physically, on screen they can tend to look like one big dark blob. Hence, you can wear a navy, charcoal or gray suit.

In general, the worst colors for TV are considered to be white, black or red, while the best color for TV is considered to be blue. Pastel shades are also considered a positive.

When it comes to prints, patterns and textures, there is only one big rule to follow, and that is to avoid really small textures, prints and patterns. On some screens, these can create a jumpy effect, which is very tiring to follow and will make you lose your credibility.

What to Wear on Television?
In terms of fabrics, while most fabrics are good for the screen, one needs to pay attention to shiny fabrics. Shine can often look incredibly cheap and plastic-like, even if it is fine silk. This has more to do with the lighting of the setup than the fabric itself, so if you are not sure about the context in which you will be filmed, it's probably best to avoid wearing a lot of shine.

If you want to wear something with a logo on it, it's best to ask the producer beforehand if you can wear it on their show. Otherwise, you risk getting it blurred out, which will have a counter-productive result, as, not only will you not be able to show the logo, but you will have an overall negative image, as you will wear one big blur.

What to Wear on Television?
A very general aspect that also needs to be mentioned is that when you are choosing your clothes for a TV appearance, you should always make sure that there are no distractions from your face, since that is where you want people to look. Avoid hair on your neck if you have long hair, distracting images on your clothes or anything else that might take the viewer's focus off your face.

Also, make sure you don't wear anything that makes noise or can touch your microphone (think bracelets, etc.).

Thirdly, make sure that your clothes are well-pressed, since the camera will pick on any wrinkle and, should you sit down; make sure you pull your jacket down so that it does not create a bulk around your neck area or anywhere else.

Additional information:

If you will make a studio appearance, it could help if you would watch the show you'll be on in advance, visit the set or make a phone call and ask about the background. This way, you can choose clothes that will contrast well with the background and will make you stand out rather than blend it.

Once you have your style in place, it's time to relax and get your confidence: listen to the soundtrack of a film you like, dance or work out (or, why not all three?). You will feel better about yourself and that will definitely show on television, as the camera does have the ability to capture emotion.

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