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What to Read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue

By Jasminebhatia @jas_mine7

Holla everyone, You know I am not really a magazine person, I mean I have had my phase of becoming a magazine worm and have read almost all magazines in the market be it cosmo, elle, good housekeeping, femina and even men’s health magazine…but somehow I grew out of reading last year..i got hooked to reading online (since I spend most of my day online) but last week I got Femina (Dec 14 issue, I know its late now)...yes my first issue after almost 6 or 7 months of breaking up with it…So, I dedicate this post to my rekindling love for Femina <3 
What to read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue
Initially I thought I would just flip through the pages and that would be it…but I am happy that this issue has quality articles worth reading!!So, the must read articles in this month’s issue are    The wedding countdown…it talks about everything that goes into prepping for the D it’s a must read for all the brides to be.What to read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue     Articles under Cover focus plus- It showcases couples who had registered marriages and what all went into their heads when they decided to take the big step.What to read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue     The article on Compulsive Hoarding…omg…it’s a must read for all the makeup lovers who keep on hoarding things…Reading this article felt like as if it was written for me…crazy me!! What to read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue   The article under Women just like you – Facebook for a cause!! It’s a must will know why once you read it..What to read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue   Do read Madhu Tugnait’s perspective. Its an extremely moving article and kudos to this women!!What to read in Femina - Dec 14 Issue     And last but not the least, the single Girl space, talks about home decor tips and tricks plus a peek a boo in Kohelika kohli’s beautiful home.What to read in Femina - Dec 14 IssueI hope you all read the above articles if you still haven’t!! And a little confession, I have knowingly not included any articles on makeup or fashion because we all girlies (atleast I do) tend to jump on such articles ignoring the other worth reading articles.Hope you all enjoyed the post!!Xoxo

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