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What to Look for in a Ring, That Isn’t an Engagement Ring

By Ty Watson

Diamond rings don't have to be just for wedding and engagements. Right hand rings are a good way to show off personality. These are the rings to have fun with. Before you start shopping, you should know what to look for. It's time for a little education.What to Look for in a Ring, That Isn’t an Engagement Ring

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat

Before making your purchase, you should consider the cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut is important because that influences the shine of the diamond. A well cut diamond will shine more and be more valuable.

If you are choosing a white diamond, you may not realize that it is rated by color. The color refers to how naturally colored it is. The less color it has the more rare and expensive it is.

Clarity refers to how clear or flawless it is. The more clear or less flaws that it has, the more expensive and rare it is.

Carat is size. The carat of the diamond is important. It will have a major impact on price.

The Setting

Okay, now that the important, but boring stuff is out of the way, it is time to cover the fun stuff.

The setting is where style and personality will shine through. Since this is meant to be a right hand ring, anything goes.

You can chose traditional and classic styles like cluster settings. Past, present, future rings are popular. They are a single row of three diamonds. You can chose a multi row diamond band if you want something a little wider. These are on the safe side. Now, there are cluster rings that are more unique. Picture a teardrop setting filled with smaller diamonds. Very interesting, but still appropriate for someone with a traditional style.

If you are wanting her to show off her sweater, softer style opt for ring settings that are shaped like flowers or hearts. There are many different options for both of those settings.

The Diamonds

Clear diamonds are always a great choice, but since this is a diamond fashion ring, you can do anything you want. You can choose pink, canary yellow, blue, or chocolate diamonds. Colored diamonds are very popular. To really choose a fun design, mix white and colored diamonds together.

After you've chosen a diamond color, its is time to choose a diamond shape. Princess cut (square), round, oval, teardrop, channel set, baguettes, and marquise. The setting you choose can even have a combination of different shapes.

The Metal

If you are newer to jewelry, you probably notice that there are two colors, gold and silver. There are different metals that are silver. Silver colored bands are either sterling silver, white gold, or platinum. Their value goes in that order as well. Sterling silver is cheaper than white gold. White gold is cheaper than Platinum. Platinum is the most expensive.

There is another color of band you may have noticed, rose gold. It is gold with a bit of a pink tint. This has become a trendy option over the last few years.

Now that you've chosen the type of metal, it is time to look at quality. If you have chosen gold, you have a few more options. Gold is available in 10k, 14k, and 18k. 10k is the cheapest, 18k is the most expensive.

Now that you know what you should look for, it is time to have fun shopping. Be sure to consider her personality when you are choosing her ring.

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