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What to Keep in Mind When Moving to a New House With Kids

By Marialiberati

Moving can be an exciting experience, but finding the perfect home can be tricky, especially when you have children. Your kids need plenty of room to run and play, and you also need to allow ample space should you decide to expand your family. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you're house hunting.

Backyard Space

When considering the backyard at your new home, think about swing sets, trampolines, and a sandbox. Your house needs ample square footage to allow the play equipment it takes to entertain them. A beautiful flat surface and a few trees are also lovely. If you want your children to play outside during all seasons, they'll need ample shade too. Don't forget to allow room for the family grill and a picnic table to enjoy dinner outdoors. If you choose to live in the inner city, you can still make the most of a small yard.

Space in the House

There are several benefits of choosing a house with an extra room. The size of your new home needs to be able to accommodate your brood. Did you know that it takes about 500 square feet for each person to live comfortably? If you have a family of five, then you will need around 2,500 square feet to accommodate everyone, which is close to the national average for home size. You shouldn't just focus on bathrooms and bedrooms; other things are important too. Pay attention to the common areas, like the kitchen, which is where most people spend the bulk of their time.

Overall Child-Friendly Appeal

Before signing on the dotted line, step back and look at the home. Is it child-friendly? If there is a pool, does it have a proper gate around it? Lots of stairs might not be toddler-friendly. Some homes are more child-friendly than others. If possible, it's best to pick a house in an area with ample space outside and inside. A home with glass block walls and white carpet probably isn't the best choice for a family with children.

Since you are making a commitment for up to 30 years for a home, it's essential to make sure that it makes sense for today and 10 years from now. Your abode is the place you will make family memories, put down roots, and hold fondly in your heart. Price is important, but the space needs to fit your family, and there should be room for growth.

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What Keep Mind When Moving House With Kids
What to Keep in Mind When Moving to a New House With Kids

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