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What to Feed Kids for Breakfast

By Newsanchormom

I am going to start making breakfast for my school aged child in the mornings. I heard on River Country this morning a segment on different ways to make oatmeal. My 2nd grader LOVES oatmeal so I am going to try some of the ideas! Of course, I can't seem to find them on the River Country website. Does anyone else see them? Send me the link if you find it! Thanks!
What to feed kids for breakfast

FROM NBC: Kids are eating everything from cereal to candy in the mornings if they eat breakfast at all!
Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia surveyed more than 350 students in the city about what they ate for breakfast that day. About 20-percent did not eat anything in the morning and about a quarter had two or more breakfasts! More than half had just one breakfast... and of those kids, most ate cereal with milk or yogurt and cheese. About 18-percent of kids said they bought food at a store on the way to school -- many of those kids grabbing candy, chips and soda.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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