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What to Do in Taipei in Two Days

By Travellingtheworld

If you have only two days to spend in Taipei, what would you do?

As my previous posts have mentioned, I spent three days in the Taiwanese capital Taipei recently. With just three days available, I had to strategize so that I can see and enjoy the most important landmarks of the city while getting good food - all the while ensuring not to get tired from having a cramped and tight schedule.

While I like seeing places, I also like to take it easy. A vacation is, after all about enjoying the journey, and not about adding to the 'visited countries/cities' list.

So, instead of travelling outside of Taipei, I decided to stay in the capital city itself.

And while I took three days to see and enjoy what I saw and ate in the city, this could be done in two days.

Here is my suggested itinerary.

Day 1:

Take the train to the Beitou area and enjoy a relaxing bath in one of the hotsprings.

Then do some shopping, perhaps some souvenir shopping or go to one of those electronic malls, and then visit a night market.

At the night market, don't forget to try out the various foods including the famous stinky tofu. After a long day and lot of walk, insert a traditional Taiwanese massage as well.

Day 2:

Go to the Elephant Mountain. Please wear casual and comfortable clothing which will allow you to climb the Mountain's steps and then later visit the Taipei 101 Tower.

From the Mountain you can walk or take the train to the Taipei 101 Tower. Don't forget to notice how fast the elevator rises, and once you are up, enjoy the development of Taipei and beyond from sky high.

Once you are done with the Taipei 101 Tower, enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Din Tai Fung including their dumplings. And don't forget to take a look at how the dumplings are made.

Depending on whether you did your electronics shopping or souvenir shopping on the previous day, check the undone shopping item after lunch.

When the walking around has digested the sumptuous lunch, enjoy a bubble tea at one of the Chun Tai Shui Tang branches.

Complete your trip by a great foot and shoulder massage.

Link to my 4:30 video on what to see and eat in Taipei

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