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What the Poke?

By Nicelise
So you decide to check in on your Facebook and, BOOM, there it is. What the poke?
Someone poked you.
And it wasn't a girlfriend that you're in the middle of a pokefest with. It's from a guy that you went to school with, worked with or met through mutual friends. But not someone that you know all that well or have had that many conversations with.
"Hmm, that's weird," is usually what I think when this happens to me. Thankfully, it doesn't happen that often, but the important point is that it does happen.
So, what does it mean when you get poked? Does that person want to physically poke you? Does that person want to sexually poke you? Is that person too shy or something to send a Facebook message? Is it that he or she wants to get your attention, but doesn't know what to say?
According to Facebook's Help Page, the poke feature can be used for a "variety of things" on Facebook. The one and only example of what a poke can be used for is to say hello to friends.
I have no clue what it means when someone pokes you, other than it is passive aggressive. If you are interested enough in getting to know someone, do something about it. I mean, how hard is it to send someone a message even if you are shy or nervous? It doesn't even have to be a monumental message, just say something along the lines of "Hi, how have you been?" The worst that could happen is that he or she won't respond.
If you are actually friends with or are dating the person and see and talk in person on a regular basis, poke away. But if you don't ever see the person out and about or have never really talked to that person, I wouldn't suggest poking. It can come off as a bit creepy, strange or confusing.
If in doubt, don't poke.
xoxo Nickie

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