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What Should You Know Before Getting Fillers In Your Lips?

By Evette Garside @evette77

Most women have considered getting lip fillers for beautiful plump lips at some point in their lives. With lip injections gaining global popularity, you might not want to be left out of the trend. Getting lip fillers involves minimal pain, and you get immediate results.

Although they are temporary, getting lip fillers should be a calculated move. If you closely notice celebrities and icons who have had them done, you'd of course, notice that some of them have more natural-looking lips.

Do you know the secret to getting the perfect, plump lips? The experts at Afya Clinic have come up with answers to the most common questions you could have before getting your lips filled.

What Do Lip Fillers Contain? Are They Safe?

What Should You Know Before Getting Fillers In Your Lips?
What Should You Know Before Getting Fillers In Your Lips?

In most cases, the experts use hyaluronic acid or collagen in lip injections. This helps the lips to increase in size and volume. The function of collagen is to get the lips plumped directly. On the other hand, fillers based on hyaluronic acid work in two ways. They result in the lips getting pumped directly, besides giving you a natural and plump pout by trapping water inside the lips.

In this context, you must note that fillers based on hyaluronic acid are FDA-approved. As long as you reach out to an accomplished practitioner, you wouldn't have any safety issues. However, if you encounter problems after getting your lip fillers, we would advise you to contact your practitioner. If necessary, you can get the fillers dissolved. However, removing lip fillers based on collagen can be complicated.

How Much Pain Do Lip Injections Cause?

What Should You Know Before Getting Fillers In Your Lips?
What Should You Know Before Getting Fillers In Your Lips?

Well, you might be wondering about the sensitivity of your lips, right? Experienced practitioners use different techniques to numb the area before injecting the fluid. Some practitioners deploy dental blocks, which are actually gum injections to make your mouth numb. Besides, you have other options like numbing creams.

Rather than being painful, lip injections tend to be uncomfortable. The tolerance level, however, varies. However, the pain is worth tolerating, considering the change that the fillers bring about on your lips.

Before you get your lips filled, have a word with your practitioner regarding the options available. It's normal to have sore and swollen lips for a few days after the treatment.

How Long Would Your Lip Fillers Last?

Lip fillers are temporary and can last for five to ten months. For hyaluronic acid-based fillers, this duration is around six to eight months. However, this largely depends on the ability of your system to metabolize the acid. While it might last for less than six months in some individuals, others might enjoy plump lips for an extended duration.

Given that your lips keep moving constantly, fillers in this part of your body last for shorter periods than other parts of your face. Therefore, the product breaks down much faster. As a thumb rule, you need to get a touch-up twice a year.

Are Lip Fillers Distinguishable?

No, it would not be possible for someone to tell whether you had injections by feeling or seeing your lips. Besides, most individuals undergoing this type of treatment can carry out their daily functions normally. Your lips would feel natural and soft when the soreness subsides after a few days.

Can Your Lip Fillers Go Wrong?

Although very rare, we do not rule out the chances of lip fillers going wrong. This largely depends on the substance injected into your lips. Given that HA fillers work better than collagen fillers in terms of durability, you have very low chances of allergic reactions. With HA fillers, these instances are extremely rare, while collagen treatments involve just 1-3% chances of allergic reactions.

This justifies the value of a professional practitioner, who will have a demonstrated track record of success.

How To Choose The Right Practitioner?

Well, when it comes to getting a solution injected into your body, you can't possibly ignore your practitioner's medical qualification. Make sure to assess their profile in terms of experience, qualification, and reviews. You might also scan through the testimonials, examining the lip condition pictures before the fillers and after getting them.

It wouldn't be wise to judge the competence of your practitioner based on cheap rates at salons. If you crave a fashionable pout, be ready to shell out a decent amount of money!

What Can Be The Side-Effects Of Getting Lip Fillers?

Practitioners generally use a cannula or needle while injecting the fluid. Of course, redness and bruising of your lips are common side effects. Since lips are more sensitive than most parts of your body, the soreness is likely to last for a day or two. Besides, your lips may show marks of the needle-prick. As stated, you have a small chance of getting an allergic reaction. Before you get the filler, speak to your practitioner regarding the viable remedies in case of possible discomfiture.

What To Avoid After Getting Lip Injections?

After you get your lips injected, make sure to avoid taking aspirin for a week or so. In case you are taking some medicine that contains this substance, discuss the matter with your general physician.

Other items to avoid include food containing Vitamin E, ibuprofen, and fish oil supplements. These substances tend to thin your blood naturally, which might intensify the bruise. Also, make sure not to take alcohol during this time. A tipsy time can lead to additional bruising and bleeding.


Now, you know almost everything that would give you a seamless journey to get a voluminous pout! Before we finish, here's another small tip for you!

Use ice packs if you are uncomfortable with your lips. This would help you to address the swelling. Take paracetamol in case of excessive pain. One more reminder, reach out to an experienced practitioner to get your lips filled.

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