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What’s Your Fashion Statement?

By Abylovinu @abylovinu

What’s Your Fashion Statement?

My style. You can see more on my lookbook. Fan and Hype! :)

I will start my post with a quote from Alexander McQueen:
 "It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."

What’s my fashion statement? Well I think, for me fashion is being comfortable in what you wear. As long as I love and enjoy what I wear, I don’t care what people may think. My style would depends on the weather, my mood or whatever I would see on my closet. I am a layback person. I dress for comfort. I love wearing dresses, shorts, skirts and leggings. I am not a fan of jeans. Haha We have a love-hate relationship. Why? Because every time I gain extra pounds, my thighs would complain about my jeans. Haha (sikip sikip daw sabi ng pata ko or in English, my thighs are getting fat, I need to start working out or cut some carbs again) So that’s why I enjoy dresses and leggings more often. If only, it is always cold in our country or if we have winter, I will have a lot of fun layering clothes. Too bad, we could only wear summer clothes for several months. But if I will stay in an air-conditioned room for the whole day, there is a chance of a little action of layering. Moreover, I can’t classify my fashion statement, one day I am a rocker chic, tomorrow I can be sophisticated and classy or the next day might be boohoo chic. I am experimental and adventurous. I don’t want to be labeled.

What’s Your Fashion Statement?

Color blocking is so in even in shoes and oh! i love spikes! they add spunk in the outfit.

Elegant Color Block Dress Metal Toecap Color Blocked High Heels Spikes Embellished Necklace

What’s Your Fashion Statement?

Classy with a little sprinkle of bad ass at the same time. Those Leopard collar necklace are to die for!

Cropped Sleeve Embroidered Lace Dress Lace Shoestring Patent Leather Heels Leopard Skin Print Collar-shaped Necklace

What’s Your Fashion Statement?

Simple yet elegant, especially with the Queen Austrian's Necklace. It fits for a queen like us. hihi

Gold-tone Turndown Collar Sleeveless Dress with Embroidery PU Riveted Handbag Queen Austrian's Necklace 
Are they gorgeous? I love fashion and being comfortable at the same time. How about you? What's your fashion statement? GIG Hosts: Mari from      Donah from
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