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What's the Stock Value of Your Social Network?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
A dear friend introduced me yesterday to Empire Avenue. It's another social network with a twist.
What's the Stock Value of Your Social Network?
If you enjoy the stock market, this social network site is for you. You can purchase shares of your friends and those on your networks. You can link your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress, etc. For Blogger you have to put your code in a post at the top like I have here. You can join communities of interest. If you produce a tweet, post on your Facebook wall, upload a photo to Flickr etc., they pay you in Eaves every day. They call these activity earnings. Earnings for each network (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.) are capped.
If you own Shares in anyone, and that person is active, you will receive a "Dividend," or a portion of their activity, based on the Dividend Pool of Eaves that are created for that person, which is related to their social activity. You can learn more here on Empire Avenue. What's the Stock Value of Your Social Network? The more you share on social networks, blog and help out others the more your stock goes up. I just started yesterday so there is more to learn. It takes a good week of data for your score to become accurate. It's really a fun social site like playing a game of monopoly. Thanks to my dear friend who introduced me!
Have you been to Empire Avenue yet?


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