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What’s So Wrong with Loving Yourself?

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
My last post wasn’t a cry for attention or support. Negative comments don’t faze me – these people don’t know me in real life, and they are reacting because of something in their life that causes them to be angry. But what I found the most interesting in one of the negative comments I shared, some of the comments on that post, and emails I received since then is that many women seem to find it to be a bad thing to love themselves.
What’s So Wrong with Loving Yourself? {via}
Seriously ladies, you SHOULD love yourself. There is a difference between loving and respecting yourself and being a narcissist. There’s a difference between self-confidence and being self-absorbed. Just because you believe in yourself, find yourself smart and attractive doesn’t mean you’re self-centered or a bitch. It means you’re healthy.
Let’s stop comparing ourselves to one another – didn’t you ever hear that people are like snowflakes and no two are alike? Let’s stop attacking those who are too thin, too old, too fat, have had plastic surgery, need plastic surgery, go grey, dye their hair, wear something you find to be too weird or too over the top or too boring. And let’s stop hating ourselves while we’re at it.
I may love clothes and pretty things, but there’s a hippie core to my heart and that core doesn’t understand why people spend so much energy bringing negativity into the universe. You don’t know how long of a life you have, why spend time talking crap about others… or talking crap about yourself? Humans are pretty fascinating creatures, she who you may snark on in real life you may find to be your long-lost kindred spirit. That person you attack may be going through some pretty heavy personal things that are affecting her appearance and her attitude.
This Saturday when I met Lisa at the Westfield Style Lounge, she said something pretty powerful. I always preach the need to be pulled together even when going to the grocery store because you never know when you will bump into an ex, the person who interviewed you the day prior for a new job, have a date with destiny. Lisa said dressing nicely inspires others – those who see you looking fierce at the grocery store will be motivated to follow your example.
Be proud of yourself, and be proud that you love yourself. You’re a pretty spectacular person. And let others know that you’re not ashamed to love yourself, you very well may inspire another to do the same!
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