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What’s on TCM: May 2016

Posted on the 29 April 2016 by Thehollywoodrevue

Robert Ryan

Happy May, everyone! I’m going to keep this introduction short since (at the time of writing this) I have to catch my flight to TCMFF very soon.

Robert Ryan is May’s Star of the Month and will be featured every Friday night this month. If you enjoyed last month’s series on Weimar-era German cinema, you may also be interested in the three-night series called Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood coming up on May 2-4. Later in the month, there’s TCM’s annual Memorial Day weekend war movie marathon. There will also be a spotlight on movies produced at American International Pictures (AIP), which should be really fun.

Now, on to the rest of the schedule!

May 1: Today we have The Big Clock at 8:00 AM, Design for Living at 10:00 AM, The More the Merrier at 4:00 PM, and a double feature in honor of Glenn Ford’s 100th birthday, Gilda at 8:00 PM and A Stolen Life at 12:00 AM.

May 2: If you have never seen Four Daughters, it’s on at 6:00 AM and is well worth setting your DVR for. Then it’s on to the first night of TCM’s Cinema Exiles spotlight with the documentary Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood at 8:00 PM, Casablanca at 10:15 PM, Three Smart Girls at 12:15 AM, Ninotchka at 2:00 AM.

May 3: Happy birthday to Mary Astor! See her in The Scarecrow at 6:30 AM, Beau Brummel at 7:00 AM, Behind Office Doors at 9:15 AM, The Lash at 10:45 AM, Other Men’s Women at 12:15 PM, The Runaway Bride at 1:30 PM, The Sin Ship at 2:45 AM, Smart Woman at 4:00 PM, Men of Chance at 5:15 PM, A Successful Calamity at 6:30 PM. Then it’s more Cinema’s Exiles with Music in the Air at 8:00 PM, Fury at 9:45 PM, Mad Love at 1:45 AM, All Through the Night at 3:00 AM, and The Sea Hawk at 5:00 AM.

May 4: Night 3 of Cinema’s Exiles with The Seventh Cross at 8:00 PM, The Killers at 10:00 PM, A Foreign Affair at 12:00 AM, Foreign Correspondent at 2:00 AM, and Comrade X at 4:15 AM.

May 5: It’s the first night of TCM’s tribute to AIP with The Fast and the Furious (1954) at 8:00 PM, The Beast With a Million Eyes at 9:30 AM, A Bucket of Blood at 11:00 AM, High School Hellcats at 12:15 AM, The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow at 1:45 AM, Attack of the Puppet People at 3:00 AM.

May 6: Robert Ryan takes over TCM today with The Woman on the Beach at 11:00 AM, The Woman on Pier 13 at 12:15 AM, Clash By Night at 1:30 PM, The Racket 3:15 PM, Berlin Express at 4:45 PM, Born to be Bad at 6:15 AM, Bad Day at Black Rock at 8:00 PM, Crossfire at 9:30 PM, Odds Against Tomorrow at 11:15 PM, On Dangerous Ground at 1:00 AM, Beware My Lovely at 2:30 AM, The Set-Up at 4:00 AM, Act of Violence at 5:15 AM.

May 7: Only Angels Have Wings at 7:00 AM, The Hustler at 2:00 PM, Them! at 4:30 PM, The Day the Earth Stood Still at 6:15 PM, All About Eve at 8:00 PM, The Catered Affair at 10:30 PM, Another Man’s Poison at 12:15 AM, and some David Lynch shorts at 2:00 AM.

May 8: Happy Mother’s Day! Today, there’s Nancy Goes to Rio at 6:00 AM, Three Daring Daughters at 8:00 AM, Bunny Lake is Missing at 10:00 AM, Marty at 12:00 PM, Imitation of Life (1934) at 2:00 PM, Mildred Pierce at 4:00 PM, Sounder at 8:00 PM, and I Remember Mama at 10:00 PM.

May 9: For a fun precode, don’t miss Havana Widows today at 10:45 AM.

May 10: Happy birthday to the incomparable Fred Astaire. Today, there’s Roberta at 6:00 AM, Flying Down to Rio at 8:00 AM, Swing Time at 9:45 AM, Royal Wedding at 1:15 PM, Carefree at 3:00 PM, The Belle of New York at 4:30 PM, Silk Stockings at 6:00 PM. Then it’s on to a night of movies celebrating their 75th anniversary, including Citizen Kane at 8:00 PM, The Maltese Falcon at 10:15 PM, Suspicion at 12:15 AM, Sergeant York at 2:00 AM, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at 4:30 AM.

May 12: Enjoy a day full of some of Katharine Hepburn’s finest movies, including Little Women at 6:00 AM, Stage Door at 8:00 AM, Holiday at 10:00 AM, The Philadelphia Story at 12:00 PM, Woman of the Year at 2:00 PM, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at 4:00 PM, and Desk Set at 6:00 PM. Then it’s back to the spotight on AIP with The Pit and the Pendulum at 8:00 PM, X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes at 9:30 PM, Dementia 13 at 11:00 PM, Black Sabbath at 1:00 AM, The Comedy of Terrors at 2:30 AM, and Master of the World at 4:15 AM.

May 13: More Robert Ryan today with The Iron Major at 3:30 PM, Gangway for Tomorrow at 5:00 PM, Tender Comrade at 6:15 PM, Billy Budd at 8:00 PM, About Mrs. Leslie at 10:15 PM, The Boy With Green hair at 12:15 AM, God’s Little Acre at 1:45 AM, Her Twelve Men at 3:45 AM, and Back from Eternity at 5:30 AM.

May 15: The Great Lie at 6:00 AM, Libeled Lady at 8:00 PM, Good News at 10:00 AM, Going My Way at 12:00 PM, White Heat at 8:00 PM, Footlight Parade at 10:00 PM, La Roue at 12:00 AM, and La Ronde at 4:30 AM.

May 16: A Star is Born (1954) at 7:15 AM, Send Me No Flowers at 10:15 AM, The Thrill of it All at 12:15 PM, Bell Book and Candle at 2:15 PM, Born Yesterday at 4:15 PM, and The Lady from Shanghai at 6:15 PM.

May 17: It’s a night of movies chosen by Robert Osborne with Air Force at 8:00 PM, The Fallen Sparrow at 10:15 PM, Dangerous at 12:00 AM, and Slightly Dangerous at 1:30 AM.

May 19: More from the AIP tribute tonight with Beach Party at 8:00 PM, The Wild Angels at 10:00 PM, The Trip at 11:45 PM, Wild in the Streets at 1:15 AM, Three in the Attic at 3:15 AM, and Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine at 5:00 AM.

May 20: Robert Ryan is back with Trail Street at 1:30 PM, Return of the Bad Men at 3:00 PM, Best of the Badmen at 4:45 PM, The Naked Spur at 6:15 PM, Lolly-Madonna XXX at 8:00 PM, The Outfit at 10:00 PM, The Wild Bunch at 12:00 AM. Captain Nemo and the Underwater City at 2:30 AM, and Executive Action at 4:30 AM.

May 25: The Strawberry Blonde at 6:00 AM, Nora Prentiss at 7:45 AM, A Woman’s Secret at 9:45 AM, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? at 8:00 PM, and The Girl Can’t Help It at 9:45 AM.

May 26: More from AIP tonight with The Abominable Dr. Phibes at 8:00 PM, Boxcar Bertha at 10:00 PM, Sisters at 12:00 AM, Bloody Mama at 2:00 AM, Blacula at 3:45 AM, and A Matter of Time at 5:30 AM.

May 27: TCM’s annual Memorial Day war movie marathon kicks off tonight with some movies starring Robert Ryan. Battle of the Bulge at 8:00 PM, The Longest Day at 11:00 PM, The Dirty Dozen at 2:00 AM, and Men in War at 4:30 AM.

May 28: The Memorial Day war movie marathon carries on with a day of movies that includes The Caine Mutiny at 3:30 PM, Bridge on the River Kwai at 8:00 PM, and From Here to Eternity at 2:15 AM.

May 29: Today’s war movie marathon includes Buck Privates at 1:30 PM, Mister Roberts at 3:00 PM, No Time for Sergeants at 5:45 PM, Glory at 8:00 PM, The Best Years of Our Lives at 10:15 PM, MASH at 1:15 AM, and The Big Parade at 3:30 AM.

May 30: It’s the last day of the Memorial Day weekend war movie marathon. My choices for the day include Sergeant York at 9:00 AM and The Great Escape at 2:15 PM.

May 31: Guest Programmer Matthew Broderick chooses tonight’s movies of Doorway to Hell at 8:00 PM, Breaking Away at 9:30 PM, The 400 Blows at 11:30 PM, and Yankee Doodle Dandy at 1:30 AM.

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