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What's on My Shelf? Shabby Chic Style!

By Aworldfullofprettiness
I love being nosey and looking round people's bedrooms, whether that be in 'real life' or through photos.
I entered a competition the other week and had a few photos of my shelf laying around on my laptop, so I thought why not make a post out of them, and that's what I'm jolly well gonna do!
What's on my shelf? Shabby Chic Style!
So as you may (or may not!) know, I have a dressing room that is separate to our bedroom. This dressing room is where I store all of my 'girly' bits - i.e. the heaps of cosmetics, perfumes and jewellery, along with other bits along the way.
I have a huge passion for all things shabby chic, so my dressing room is just that. I really ought to do an up-to-date tour of it actually, as I'm always adding new bits to it (although not so much now as I'm beginning to focus on other parts of the house).
As you can probably tell, the color scheme is pastels. Anything light and pretty or floral is likely to be seen in my room. This shelf hasn't actually changed a great deal over the 2.5yrs that we've lived here. The lanterns on either side I keep meaning to spray paint white (although they do actually look more cream in the photo than they are). I have however never put a candle in them, they're merely there for decoration.
As you can see I have a love for chick lits, which is shameful considering I have an English degree! But nonetheless, any pastel pretty looking books that I get tend to go up here..
The box that is underneath the cups is an old glossybox limited edition. I like the design of it so thought I'd put it on display instead of shoving it in my cupboard! Although the sunlight has faded this over time, but I still like it! On top are the mugs that I purchased from Tesco's a long time ago. I've never drank out of these, but bought them purely for decoration. It's a bit of an unusual thing to have on a bookshelf.. but I like unusual so! I'm thinking about replacing these with some nice pretty tea cups when I get my hands on some, they are a little more apt for my room.
Moving along are a row of bottles.. you can't actually see one row of bottles at the back, but you may be able to spot their gold lids popping up - these are from Bath & Body Works in America, and smell AMAZING!! I got 2 bottles of the 'Sweet on Paris'  range, and it smells like heaven.. honestly. I'm really careful with these and only use them on special occasions because I'm frightened they'll run out, then I'll probably never be able to get my hands on them again! haha. The 4 bottles in front of those are rather recent purchases from NSpa, which I managed to pick up in the sale at Christmas. I think I did a post on them. Next to all these is a green liquid looking thing! This too is amazing, the consistency reminds me of a lava lamp in the bottle, its a body moisturizer in a fragrance, so comes out like a light spritz (if that makes sense?) it has a shimmer running through it so this is best kept for special occasions, but this too smells gorgeous, and always reminds me of Florida last year because that's where I bought it!
At the front is a small card that is from my sister-in-law and brother, to say thanks for being a bridesmaid at their wedding. I thought it was cute with a little fairy on the front so I thought I'd pop it on there!
It's not your average shelf and full of books like most shelves are, but I like it!
What's on my shelf? Shabby Chic Style!

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