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What's New in the Social Networks Today

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have you been able to keep up with many new changes recently on the various social networks? It's not always easy.
What's New in the Social Networks Today
Quora has recently added a new feature to their network. It is called "Boards". You can create a board to collect links, collaborate with friends or learn  something new.  Someone sent me a board with Best SEO Sites to learn, keep updated and share your knowledge. I had asked some questions in the past that led to this.  There are many boards, for example, one on parenting.  There is also a blog board.  That board is where you will see the latest announcements from the Quora folks themselves. I love to ask questions on Quora - you usually receive great answers within 24 hours.

Facebook - How is your timeline coming along? You only have 2 more days until they all become live whether or not you have created yours. From what I have read they will create one with your photos, etc. So your cover could look like anything. Go to this link to get started today if you haven't already! You may read more about it in my last post here.
What's New in the Social Networks Today
Twitter - I have several Twitter accounts and one is in the new format. I love the new format. The biggest change is that the format is opposite of what it was. Your Twitter feed is on the right hand size vs. the left hand side.  It is a neater design and you can open a tweet and see the time it was tweeted and how it was tweeted - from the web,  Triberr, Twitterfeed, etc.   To see who has tweeted you it is now called "@Connect".  That is where all your interactions are. There is now a Discover" button to see what's hot on Twitter by topics. 
Klout - Klout continues to add more "Perks" to their higher ranking social folks with one of the latest being the Capital One bonuses.  Anyone with Klout scores of 10-100 can participate in this one. Some of the other perks require you to have a Klout score of 50+.  Have you checked your Klout score lately? After my big dive of 12 points it has climbed up 5 the past month. How relevant is Klout? There is much controversy still around Klout and the way it scores. 
What's New in the Social Networks Today
StumbleUpon - If you haven't been to Stumble since their updates I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by their new layout. It takes a little time to get used of it - I finally was able to figure out where my followers and people I follow were. It appears they still have a limit to 500 people that you can follow over on Stumble. 
Digg - Digg's redesign a few months ago is really nice. I don't get on there everyday but try to weekly. I have heard their traffic has dropped a bit over time - as much as 23% over the past 3 months. It does drive traffic to our websites and creates back links too.  
Linkedin - Linkedin has recently made it easier for you to publish polls. It rolled out in groups first. What a great way to ask people about your products or services. Can you think of more ways to use polls in Linkedin?
What other changes have you noticed across the web recently? 

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