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What’s New In Lighting Design

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

The right amount of light is as important to the décor as the lighting itself. Lighting is an essential part of a home or office's comfortability. Too little or not enough can cause a huge amount of unwanted stress.

What’s New In Lighting Design
If you are an avid reader, chances are you would want more lighting in an area where you like to read such as a reading nook and less in a room where you would rather watch television. The same thing applies at the office, too much lighting can lead to computer assisted headaches resulting in a decrease of employee productivity.

Lighting is big business and it just has to be done properly!

There are several ways to ensure you get the perfect amount of light for every area.

  • Creating a dimming system helps because you can manually create the amount needed, however it is not always practical so planning ahead is important.
  • Incorporate lighting into the room based on it's primary use and function. For example; a staircase needs more lighting than a closet.
  • Always consider which type and size of lighting you will need. LED lighting is not as bright as some of the others but it is ten times more efficient. Neon is very bright but it is not overly energy efficient. Smaller sizes of neon lights might be better for a small area.
  • Do not forget to consider natural lighting and energy use in the design.

It's amazing to see how far lighting décor has come. It is more efficient and there is a great deal more choice options than there used to be like the cute bottle pendant lights seen throughout. I just love them!

Innovative products such as led lighting and solar power has changed the industry quite substantially and forced manufactures to develop better and more sustainable designs and I for one could not be happier.

Lamps, and other types of lighting such as pendant lighting are no longer considered just an accessory, they have become an integral part of interior design and that is why they are now added to the initial design plan as a core environmental component.

What’s New In Lighting Design

Once only seen in kitchens and bathrooms, the presence of fancier lighting systems like wooden pendant lighting and led lighting has been extended to living rooms, basements, offices, corridors, bedrooms and just about anywhere you can find a space for them.

Lights are used on walls, ceilings, floors and tabletops. How they are incorporated into the design depends mainly on the effect you are aiming to achieve.

Lighting effects can be achieve through natural light or a combination of natural lighting and lamps.

Experiment to get just the right effect!

What’s New In Lighting Design
There is nothing sexier than a mix of natural light and decorative lighting creating an open room effect. Windows can always be covered creating it's own natural dimming system.

The bottle pendant lights seen throughout are a few examples of what's trending in pendant lighting and if you want to purchase some, do not forget to head over to our friends at Parrot Uncle.

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