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What’s In My Bag // Chloe Faye

By Styleofsam @styleofsam

rose pink chloe faye small bag review

// wearing FROM GMA WITH LOVE jumpsuit, WISHING WELL acacia ring, JULIE VOS cuff, ALEXIS BITTAR bracelet //

rose pink chloe faye small bag review, what's in my small chloe faye bag


// KAREN WALKER sunglasses, JONATHAN ADLER glasses case, KATE SPADE iphone case, TATA HARPER lip conditioner, 100% PURE lipstick, LOUIS VUITTON wallet //

rose pink chloe faye small bag review
rose pink chloe faye small bag review

Photography by Mary Hafner, Mr. S, and myself

Happy Friday Loves!  Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Today is the dreaded well woman appointment. It’s the last step to complete our adoption paperwork so we can finally submit it. Hooray! I’ve also got to drop off some clothing at Clothes Circuit borrowed for a Spring Shoot! Let’s just say that I’m glad that we don’t live closer. That place is SO DANGEROUS for me!  I found a Ter Et Bantine top and a pair of Gucci clogs for amazing prices there on Wednesday. #sorryimnotsorry

I loved doing this Mansur Gavriel bucket bag review, so I wanted to do the same for my Chloe Faye bag. Again, I didn’t find much info when I was doing my research for the bag.  Hopefully, this helps anyone who is interested in purchasing the bag.


This is the SMALL shoulder bag, and I purchased it “previously owned” for $785. Current retail cost is $1390. It is a small flap purse with a ring-to-chain detail and adjustable strap. The chain attaches from the front circle ring to the side via hardware. When opened, there are 3 separate accordion compartments with the largest being in the center.  The dimension is approximately 9 ¼” W x 6″ H x 3 ¼” D.  For reference, I am 5’4″ {but I am wearing 2″ platform wedges in the last picture}.  This is a great size for me and holds a TON.

The strap is set to the shortest length which makes it an 20″ drop from top of the handle to the top of the bag, and I am able to carry it on the shoulder or switch it to cross body without any issues.

FYI, there are two other sizes, a MEDIUM shoulder bag (dimensions are 12″ W x 8 ½” H x 3 ½” D) which retails for $1950 and a MINI clutch (dimension are 5 ½” W x 6 ¼” H x 1 ½ ” D) which retails for $890.


The bag is beautiful! I am partial because I LOVE pink and have been searching for one ever since I sold my Coach Legacy pink bag years ago. Quite a few people have commented on the pretty color. BTW, this is the rose colored bag from a previous season. It is a classic shape, but the hardware gives it a modern edge. Additionally, I love the mix of suede and smooth leather.

Since it does have suede on top, it is quick to pick up color transfer from darker colors e.g. dark rinse jeans. Beware if you purchase a lighter colored bag! Additionally, the interior is a light unfinished leather, so it may stain easily if not careful. It is well constructed, but my bag is pretty floppy since it was previously owned. In fact, it tends to lay a little crooked because the leather is “stretched” on the side where the hardware meets (you can see it in the last picture). The leather edges are still coated even with use.


For a small capacity bag, this has a BIG use factor. I can easily put in my long Louis Vuitton Vernis wallet, sunglasses, iPhone, lipsticks, and car keys. Sometimes, I’ll carry the sunglasses without the case to keep the silhouette slimmer. That’s another advantage of the three compartments. Additionally, there’s a slim card pocket for smaller items.

Regarding opening the flap with the chain connected, I’ve never had a problem with it getting in the way as I read in one tpf post. The strong magnet closure makes it difficult to open, and sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to rip the bag… that’s how secure the magnet is. I guess that can be counted as an advantage if you want a hard-to-open bag when traveling.

The bag holds A LOT for it’s size, but gets heavy easily. It’s is not as lightweight as the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag because of the thick leather construction.


FOUR GOLD STARS {out of five}!  I LOVE this bag but took off a whole star because of the streched leather on the side, which shows where it ages quicker. It’s definitely an investment piece even though I purchased it for less since it’s new-to-me, but I am very satisfied with my cute little bag! I wore it for our Napa trip and was happy at how it traveled and matched my outfit choices.

If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help!


What’s In My Bag // Chloe Faye
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Rxoxo, Sam

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