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What’s Hot in Bedroom Designs Today That Are a Must-try?

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

The bedroom is often overlooked when decorating the house. It is easy to think of it as simply a sleeping and dressing space. However, it is actually one of the most important rooms of the house. Its decor can make the difference between a good night's sleep or not; it is also still the favored room in most house where couples enjoy their more intimate moments. The following tips are essential reading to ensuring you make the most of this valuable space:

Select bold wallpaper

Wallpaper is now becoming increasingly popular and there are a huge range of styles to choose from. Some of the most striking designs are metallic paint on standard colored wallpaper. You can choose to paper one wall as a feature or to do all the walls; this will make a bold statement. To soften the effect of all the walls being covered in paper it is a good idea to choose solid colors for all the accessories. A fresh bunch of flowers will always make the room feel welcoming.

What’s hot in bedroom designs today that are a must-try?
Blending colors

The key to have a room which screams fun or playful is to mix up the colors. Vibrant, bright colors can bring any room to life; pink paired with apple green accessories with neutral color walls will suggest an environment where anything is possible. Some people need to have a space where they can relax, unwind and get away from the rest of the world. For this it is essential to use light colors; cream, light purple or a delicate shade of green are the best choices. Bedrooms decorated in these delicate colors will make you feel like you have visited a spa retreat and will definitely help you to unwind.

Multipurpose bedrooms

Bedrooms are increasingly becoming spaces where you might choose to curl up with a book or even finish some paperwork. This is often because a bedroom is the best place to retreat from the rest of the world; whether to relax or to have time to concentrate. The best way of achieving this and retaining the intimacy of the bedroom setting is to see your bedroom as a hotel suite. When designing it, make sure you include a space for a desk and an easy chair. This theme can be taken a step further by adding hotel style facilities into your room.

It takes very little space to include a refrigerator and coffee machine; stock it with items you would expect to find in a mini bar. This will enable you to stay in your bedroom and ignore the rest of the world for extended periods of time. It will also allow you to indulge and feel as though you are on holiday, even if you are not!

What’s hot in bedroom designs today that are a must-try?
Custom bedding

It may surprise you to learn that it is often cheaper to have a custom headboard created than to purchase a readymade one. For those who have a talent for sewing it is even possible to recover an old headboard yourself. Your bedding and headboard can match and be unique; they can also be exactly the material and style you want!


The type of linen fabric you choose can make a huge difference to the look, feel and comfort of the bedroom. Soft silks and cottons are the best choices and can be customized with a little embroidery or left plain to complement the feel of the room.

What’s hot in bedroom designs today that are a must-try?

Gold is, once again, a popular choice for the bedroom. There are many accessories which can be gold colored; the trick is not to go over the top! A few gold accessories will add a luxurious flare to the room. Most importantly when designing any bedroom is to make sure that the room is a reflection of you. It must display your tastes and style so that you will always feel comfortable in it.

If you're a person who loves fresh flowers, then you can consider adoring your bedroom with flower pots. However, it is important to get informed first. Select those that resist to shade or natural light. Use your imagination and you'll certainly love the end result. Add a personal touch to your bedroom and it will become the most loved room of the house.

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