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What’s Being Used Left of The Dot ? CSC Report Gives Examples

Posted on the 19 April 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

CSC released their new gtld utilization report for April. Using Alexa as one barometer it seems that the number of new g’s in the Alexa top one million has risen by 30% since February.

One of the thing the report pointed out was what is being used left of the dot. I think many believe there needs to be uniformity. WWW back in the day let less proficient users know something was a website. So with the new gtld’s will it be www or home, etc…

The report showed about, www, apps, career and jobs.

In this most recent report, we also look at:

  • The number of active .brands and those recently delegated
  • The highest ranking .brands in the Alexa Top 1M
  • The number of generic new gTLDs in the Alexa Top 1M
  • The new gTLDs that trigger suspicion in the Top 10
  • An alternative look at the Top 10 with our gTLD Utilization Indicator score
  • The performance of .brands in search
Here are a few new examples of .brand utilization that caught my attention this month: Spanish automobile manufacturer. NOTE: SEAT is using its .brand to creatively assign authentic domains to its dealers. This is an ideal use case for companies that have a dealer, franchise, or partner network. American pharmaceuticals and health care products company. Australian Football League, AFL. Read the full report here

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