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What's APP-ening? All Trails Hiking App Review!

By Agirlsguiltypleasures @ggp_blogger
What's APP-ening?  All Trails Hiking App Review!

So, during my brief (3 year) hiatus from blogging...

I have realized how important it is to stay active, and I have tried just about everything.  Some things I have loved and others

...not so much.  

But one thing I have recently gotten into is hiking and just being outside to unwind and enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and responsibilities.  There truly is something therapeutic about being away from cars and technology and allowing yourself the time to take it all in  (though I must admit I'm guilty of snapping pictures on my phone of great nature shots...🌵📸).  One thing I've realized is I really am unaware of all of the natural trails and county/state/national parks that exist nearby!  I found this app, which is also a website, and it has basically solved my issue of feeling like I have to go to the same trails over and over again because I'm unfamiliar with others.  
What's APP-ening?  All Trails Hiking App Review!
The All Trails app, or, allows you to search nearby trails, favorite trails, and review trails.  You can also read the review of others so you don't end up on a treacherous hike when all you were looking for was a leisurely stroll...something I've done once or twice!
Check it out for yourself!  Search All Trails on the app store and get yourself some fresh air!

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