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What’s Alex Ferguson Going To Do After Retirement?

By Stizzard
Sir Alex Ferguson managed Manchester United for 27 years and since he took over the club in 1986, he has become known as one of the most respected and admired football managers in the history of the game. He was the longest serving manager of Manchester United, having taken the honour from Matt Busby in 2010, and was also the longest serving of all current league managers. By the time he announced his retirement, he had been responsible for the team winning 38 major trophies, including 13 Premiership titles – not too shabby! He was always known as a strict disciplinarian and the type of manager who wouldn’t suffer fools lightly. In fact, he was given the nickname ‘Furious Fergie’ pretty early on his career.So, after 35 years of managing various teams, living on the edge with nerves, close calls and tense moments, what on earth can he be planning to keep his retirement as exciting as his career? We’ve come up with some ideas for Sir Alex, just in case he needs any help getting his adrenaline rush now he’s not going to be pacing up and down on the sidelines and shouting at men playing football…

They aren’t your usual retirement pastimes, but then he isn’t the usual retiree. He has tonnes of famous friends, more money than most people can dream of and a high tolerance for the most stressful of situations. So, how about he straps on a parachute and gives the following high adrenaline occupations on for size – it might at least help him give up that frantic chewing habit.

Skydiving – As Beckham has just joined Sir Alex in announcing his retirement, maybe the old football muckers could join up and get involved with skydiving. They’ll both be needing something to give them the rush of feeling that winning the league brings.

What’s Alex Ferguson Going To Do After Retirement?


Poker – Playing high stakes poker in a real casino with real players is much more fun when you’re safe in the knowledge that you can afford to lose a few thousand. Sir Alex certainly has the time and resources to perfect his poker face and could perfect his poker skills, before chancing his arm at the casino for some games of poker and even roulette, as we reckon even though he can afford to lose, he’d much rather win. And with all that cash, he could just nip over to Vegas at any time he fancies.

Horse racing – One of the reasons Sir Alex cited for retiring was wanting spend more time with his wife and family. Horse racing could be the perfect couple’s hobby. Mrs F gets to dress up in her finery and Sir Alex gets to back the gee gees and bet as much as he fancies. It’s bound to get his heart rate up, create some tension and adrenaline and he gets to shout at participants from the sidelines – almost exactly the same as professional football!

What’s Alex Ferguson Going To Do After Retirement?

Neigh bother to Fergie. Only Scots might understand that reference! Courtesy of Paul

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