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What’s a “biophilic City”? Let Timothy Beatley Explain | Citiscope

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

What’s a “biophilic city”? Let Timothy Beatley explain | CitiscopeBy Christopher Swope, Cityscope:  “This week’s Citiscope innovation feature story looks at the ways Singapore fosters connections to nature in a dense urban environment. This is a subject Timothy Beatley knows a lot about. Beatley is the founder of the Biophilic Cities Network, a global group of cities that each in its own way is working at making nature a bigger part of the urban experience.

“Beatley is the Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. He’s also written or co-authored more than 15 books on cities and sustainability including Biophilic Cities. His most recent book came out last July. It’s called Blue Urbanism, and it explores the connections between cities and the sea.”


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