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What Really Makes Your Day?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Something happened early this a.m. that made my day.
What Really Makes Your Day? I received a question from someone in Bloggers and so I responded. He wanted to know why my posts came up right away and his did not. I knew it had to do with the time settings that are in Blogger and WordPress. I've spent some time on both and had struggled previously with it myself. I got a nice thank you note back.
What Really Makes Your Day?
It read like this: "You're right! I have the dates off of my posts. I have to think about this. Since most of my posts aren't date-relevant, I've decided to type dates into the post itself for the most recent week, and not to have dates otherwise associated with the posts. The reason is that when I see old dates associated with a post, the post sometimes feels 'stale' to me, even when there's no reason it should. So, I've been experimenting with this other approach. I see there's a downside here. Hmmm.. Thanks Lisa, that's really helpful. I turned my dates/times back on my blog, and you were right - the posts appeared in It's good to have an expert friend!"
Check out his very interesting blog "Brain-Mind Blog".
It feels good to help someone out to make their day easier. It made my day. What really makes your day?

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