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What Our Customers Think About Smart AdServer

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Smartadblog @SmartAdServerEN

A couple of weeks ago, an international Customer satisfaction survey was realized, giving our customers worldwide a good opportunity to share their opinion,  whether they are Ad Traffickers daily connected to the interface or Sales employees or Managing Directors.

Several hundreds respondents participated in this survey, find below the key findings:

What our customers think about Smart AdServer products and services


76% would say our ad server is better or at least equivalent to the alternatives, only 8% of the respondents consider that we have a product worse than the competitors.

Not only this is true in mature markets such as UK & US (average grade: 8/10), Canada: (7,5/10), France (7/10) but also in emerging markets such as Brazil (8/10), Mexico(9,8/10).

Among other things, they praise Smart Adserver’s user interface (average grade: 7,7/10) and campaign management workflow (7,3/10).

Our customers are as enthusiastic regarding our services, the customer support is lauded too for its quality (average grade of 7,2/10) and its promptness (average grade: 7,1/10)

82% of the repondants would recommend Smart AdServer

What our customers think about Smart AdServer

What Managing Directors specially think about our ad serving solutions

85% of Managing Directors consider our product/Services is very or extremely helpful in achieving their business goals.
They are satisfied with our professionalism (85%) and are pleased with our expertise (average grade:7,8) and product quality (average grade:7,2)

What our customers think about Smart AdServer


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