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What Makes A Good Neighbour?

Posted on the 10 March 2016 by 72point @72hub
What Makes A Good Neighbour?

Old-fashioned values are the most important when it comes to being a good neighbour according to research released today by AXA Insurance. Signing for packages, sharing bins, feeding pets and being on hand to lend a cup of sugar, all rated higher than getting access to a neighbour's WIFI code.

And despite cynicism about community spirit waning over recent decades, AXA's research reveals that almost two thirds (61%) of neighbours in Britain believe that neighbourly spirit is still alive and well. More than one in ten (15%) suggest that their neighbourhood has actually become kinder over the last decade and nearly three quarters of Brits (74%) have been helped by a neighbour in a time of need.

The idea of happy, helpful neighbourhoods is further supported by 58 per cent claiming to have friendly neighbours and 40 per cent having helpful ones. In fact, nearly one in five (16%) would go as far to call their neighbours a 'Home Hero', with 68 per cent of Brits finding little acts of heroism by their neighbours makes their day to day lives a little bit easier.

Top 10 qualities that make a 'Home Hero' are:
  1. Keeping an eye on your house when you're not at home (61%)
  2. Signing for parcels and packages (61%)
  3. Keeping an eye on pets whilst you are away (28%)
  4. Helping move furniture (24%)
  5. Looking after / feeding your pets (23%)
  6. Let you put rubbish in their bin (22%)
  7. Popping in for a cuppa (20%)
  8. Lending you milk (20%)
  9. Lending you a cup of sugar (19%)
  10. Letting you park in their drive (19%)

Giving a neighbour access to WIFI was ranked in 17 th place in the list of heroic neighbourly acts with just 12% of people considering it a hero quality.

When it comes to neighbours behaving badly, the research reveals that only six per cent had ever experienced their neighbours being offensive or rude. The top five bad neighbourly behaviours that people have experienced from their neighbours include:

  1. Being kept awake (31%)
  2. Using their bin without permission (22%)
  3. Blocking driveway (18%)
  4. Used your parking space without permission (15%)
  5. Let their dog / cat mess on your garden (13%)

TV presenter and property expert, Amanda Lamb, says: "AXA's research shows that despite the fast pace of life in 2016, it's still the old fashioned neighbourly acts that result in the most goodwill. Small things, such as taking the time to sign for a package or lending a cup of sugar are the types of kindness that make a good neighbour or indeed, a 'Home Hero'.

"A 'Home Hero' can be anyone - from our neighbours, family and friends or the local friendly shopkeeper but what they all have in common is that their good deeds often go unrecognised. I'm excited to be working with AXA Insurance to help celebrate these unsung heroes of modern life and bring to attention the little things we can all do to make everyday life just that little bit easier."

Marketing & Insight Director at AXA Insurance, Jyoti Bird, comments: "There are unsung heroes in all walks of life. Especially those that live in and around our homes, whose daily little acts of heroism make our everyday lives brighter and better, and even sometimes safer. To celebrate the launch of our new home insurance products, we want to help the nation thank those people you consider to be 'Home Heroes".

Amanda's support forms part of a wider campaign by AXA Insurance to encourage people to recognise and thank their own 'AXA Home Heroes'.
For more information about AXA Insurance's campaign, and details on the competition, please visit:

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