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What Kind of Pants Style Suits Knock Knees and Curvy Calves

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

pants for knock kneesRecently I received two requests for posts on issues surrounding trouser fit and flattery asking about issues such as knock knees and thick calves.  Given my post on which pants suit your body shape I’m now going to go into these body variations.

knock knees trousers
Knock knees (where the knees have an inward curve and then the calves splay outwards some) often look much better in a skirt that just covers the knee, or in a straight leg (not slim or skinny) trouser, a trouser cut jean, or a wide leg trouser which hides the curvature.  With a skinny or straight leg jean, knee high boots are a great way to help straighten the appearance of the legs.

jeans styles knock knees


jeans styles knock knees by imogenl featuring slim fit jeans

Thick calves (where the calf is unbalanced to the size of the leg) don’t fit skinny jeans well, you generally need a looser fit – bootcut, flared or wide leg are ideal.

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