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What It Means to Set-Up For Success

By 2centsricher

What It Means to Set-Up For Success

Over the past couple of years I have increasingly heard the use of the “set up for success” expression. I normally hear it when it comes to training new recruits. Now, if I am totally honest I must confess that the cynic in me felt that this phrase was concocted by a professor behind a desk in a school of business somewhere. You know what I am talking about. Those terms that are coined to make something else sound very smart and business-like or even worse, to mask another, sometimes deeper, problem. Something like “window of opportunity” which is a fancy way to point out something that is sucking and needs fixing. I, therefore, did not really hop on the “success setup” train.

 What setting up for success means

Fast forward to today. My attitude has changed. I have realized the importance and, more importantly, found the real meaning of “setting up for success”. Yes, it can easily be applied to providing new recruits (in whatever area you manage) with the correct training and tools that they will need to successfully complete their new job. It means that you really make your employees capable of effectively performing their daily tasks and (sometimes we forget about this one) offer them the necessary managerial support to help them out when they are stuck or when a specific circumstance has diverted from the norm. That being said, using the idea of “setting up for success” exclusively for new employees is really short-sighted. It also applies to current employees who have moved up or taken on new responsibilities.

I was also thinking that the “set up for success” process should also extend your customers. You must set up your customers for success when they are dealing with your employees and your products. Customers who are informed about your product and your company will have a better relationship with you.

Why you need to set up for success?

So, why is it positive and important to ensure that your employees are correctly prepared to successfully cope with their jobs and responsibilities? This seems very straight-forward but, sadly, it is all too common for employers not care about this important process of their operation. Here’s a small list as to why you need to set up for success:

High morale: New and current staff will feel that they are taken care of. They will have the perception that management wants them to succeed in their role. This, in turn, will improve their morale.

Better processes: Better trained employees will make fewer mistakes and perform all your processes more effortless. This will elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your company as whole.

Increase in customer satisfaction: Better equipped, more knowledgeable employees will provide a higher quality customer experience. They will be empowered to resolve any potential issues without having to escalate the issue to anyone else.

Increase in profits – Happier, more effective employees who provide a superior customer experience will result in the creation of a symbiotic process that will create more satisfied customers and therefore…yes, an increase in sales.

Set your employees and customers up for success

Preparation is the key word here. In order to ensure everyone (internally and externally) has a successful experience with your company it is necessary for you to be ready. Here are some helpful pointers:

Training: Develop an all-encompassing, robust training program. This way, employees will understand the company they work for better, the importance of their role in the grand scheme of things and feel empower to suggest ways to improve.

Support system: Your staff wants to know that there is a leader that will be receptive and extend a helping hand when things go sideways or when a problem arises. Make sure they always feel protected in that way.

Educate your customers: Customers are doing more research than ever before. Make sure that you communicate with them and become available through every line of communication they are using. Provide as much information as you can and be ready to respond when they reach out to you. Make it easy for them to make a relationship and a transaction with you.

Setting up for success is not another fancy phrase in the business glossary. In today’s business environment it can make the difference between a story of success and one of failure. Are you set up for success?

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