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What is Your Favourite Street Food? -Part 4

By Kash Pals @wizmagic1

Continuing my series on What is your favourite street food? - Part 3

Street food in the USA

Hot dogs. There are differences in Chicago dogs and New York Dogs. But hot dogs can be found in most places. Read more about the difference here. Review: Sonic Premium Beef Hot Dog (Chicago Dog & New York Dog)

Tacos - Most Americans love tacos and there are tons of taco trucks in every major city in America. Some taco trucks do cool fusions with Asian cuisines too. I had some awesome katsu tacos one time.

NY style pizza - I prefer Chicago style, but there are tons of NY style pizza joints that stay open late into the night. They're perfect when you're trashed and need something to soak up the alcohol. Fold it in half and just go to town. Never at the risk of your life eat this with a knife and fork.

Gyros and shwarma. There are a fair amount of these joints that stay open late at night.

Walking Tacos. These are when you take a bag of Fritos, mash them up, and fill the bag with all the ingredients of a taco. Then you eat it and walk around the fair or whatever.

Street food Puerto Rico

Bacalaito- It's pronounced, "bacalao" and is thinly sliced codfish. It's mixed with salt, pepper, and garlic; then it's fried to a crisp.

Alcapurria- It's a street food made with a doughy mixture and then stuffed with meat and fried. The dough is called "masa" and is either made with yucca or green plantains. It's not spicy but definitely has a unique flavour. Puerto Rican food generally isn't hot (from chiles.)
Empanadillas- They're called empanadas in other countries, but in Puerto Rico they're empanadillas. Don't ask why. It's been like that long before I was born. If you know what an empanada is, then there's no further need to explain what it is.

Sorullos- They look like mozzarella sticks, but they're not. They're fried cornmeal sticks. Most are served with a side of mayo-ketchup. All that is ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together sometimes with garlic added in.

Helados Chinos - This is ice cream shop was started in Puerto Rico by Chinese immigrants. It became a chain and is found in a lot of major cities in Puerto Rico. Its official name is "Kings Cream," but everybody in Puerto Rico knows it as Helados Chinos. I hardly ever eat ice cream in America but will go to this place every day when I visit PR. Don't pass up these ice cream shops that look like holes in the wall. It's the best ice cream hands down. These ice cream joints are always open too, even at Christmas. I bet they make a killing. They've been around for more than a half a century. They have flavours such as passion fruit, pineapple, guanabana, tamarind, and acerola.

So, what is your favourite #streetfood ?

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